Sub-Internships (SU 300)

Surgery sub-internships are designed to allow students to gain further experience with surgical fields and showcase their ability to care for surgical patients. The electives are available to you in Module 5 and require the satisfactory completion of the Surgery 200 Clerkship (SU 200) as a prerequisite. Please feel free to contact individual SU 300 course directors directly or the clerkship directors for any questions regarding these courses.

This link (Penn Student Log-in) will provide you with a complete list of sub-internships available through the Department of General Surgery.

Visiting Students

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URM Visiting Clerkship

More details can be found here.

Any questions?

Contact Patricia Pratt Terry - Undergraduate Medical Education Coordinator

Clerkship Leadership

Cary B. Aarons, MD
Clerkship Director

Ari D. Brooks, MD
Co-Clerkship Director

Susanna M. Nazarian, MD, PhD
Co-Clerkship Director

Sean Harbison, MD
Assistant Clerkship Director