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Penn Evidence-Based Literature Review (PEBLR)
Summarized highlights from contemporary literature in surgical and allied disciplines for general surgery residents.
Monthly Links
Topic/Area Editor-in-Chief
Transplantation and Immunology David Aufhauser
David Aufhauser
Topic/Area Editorial Team
Cardiothoracic Surgery Jennifer Chung
Jenn Chung
Surgical Oncology Brett Ecker
Brett Ecker
Quality Improvement and Surgical Education Jenn Fieber
Jenn Fieber
Non-Surgical Disciplines Grace Lee
Grace Lee
Vascular Surgery Jon Quatramoni
Jon Quatramoni
Pediatric Surgery Avery Rossidis
Avery Rossidis
General Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery Eli Riddle
Eli Riddle
Pediatric Surgery Robert Swendiman
Robert Swendiman
Critical Care Charlie Vasquez
Charlie Vasquez
Colorectal Surgery Charles Vining
Charles Vining

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