Policies and Procedures Manual

Annual Program Review Policy

  1. In an effort to periodically review and improve upon the curriculum and educational content of the program, a formal program review will be performed yearly, typically near the close of each academic year.
  2. This will include review of the following:
    1. Current educational goals and objectives
    2. Current policies and procedures
    3. Current rotation format
    4. Current educational curriculum
    5. Conference schedule, format, and topics
    6. Performance measures of current and recent residents, including:
      1. Results of the Colon and Rectal Surgery In-Service Training Examination
      2. Results of American Board of Surgery examinations
      3. ACGME operative logs
      4. Resident evaluations
    7. Resident evaluations of the overall program and individual faculty
      1. Due to the single-resident nature of the program, faculty and program evaluations completed by residents will not be made available by the GME office to the program until aggregate data from several graduates have been compiled.
  3. The annual program review will be attended by all members of the Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery. A portion of the review will also be attended by the current resident.
  4. Review of the above data and resulting discussion will be used as a basis for proposing changes to the curriculum and educational content of the program in order to provide the most optimal educational experience for future residents.

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