Policies and Procedures Manual

Resident Supervision Policy

  1. The attending physician has both an ethical and legal responsibility for the overall care of the individual patient and the supervision of each resident involved in the care of that patient.
  2. Each surgical service within the Department of Surgery has a team of general surgery residents and/or specialty residents/fellows at various levels of training and experience, with more junior residents being directly supervised by more senior residents/fellows and all residents/fellows being supervised by the attending physician.
  3. The colon and rectal surgery resident’s main clinical assignment in terms of patient care is at Pennsylvania Hospital (PAH), where the resident is responsible for:
    1. Management of the patients on the colon and rectal surgery service.
    2. Supervision of the junior residents assigned to the service.
  4. The colon and rectal surgery resident will review the following with the responsible attending physician:
    1. All major clinical decisions regarding patient care.
    2. Assessment and plan of care for all admissions to the colon and rectal surgery service as well as inpatient/ED consultations.
    3. All changes in the clinical status of patients on the colon and rectal surgery service.
  5. All cases in the operating room are supervised by the physical presence of the Attending Surgeon.
  6. The resident will be given progressive responsibilities for patient care and management based upon their demonstrated competence and level of training. Judgment of delegation of responsibility is made by the attending physician based on their assessment of the resident’s skills, knowledge, and ability.
  7. The teaching faculty is always immediately available for consultation and support to the resident. All office visits, operative cases, and admissions are personally supervised by an identifiable faculty member.

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