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Divisional Conferences
Frequency Time Division Title Location Contact
Bi-monthly 0530-0730 Urology Research Seminar 9 PT CR B. Malkowicz
2nd 0630-0730 Urology Division Conference PAH - 4 Cathcart J. Harryhill
Every 0700-0800 Colon and Rectal Division Conference Garfield Building CR B. Kann
Every 0700-0800 Cardiac Partner Trans Catheter Heart Valve 6 Silverstein J. Bavaria
Every 0700-0800 Surgery Executive Meeting Chairman's Office J. Mullen
Every 0700-0800 Surgery PAH Case Conference PAH - Theatre 10
Spruce Building
J. Bleier
Every 0700-0800 Urology Academic Conference PAH - 4 Cathcart V. Carpiniello
Quarterly 0800-1500 Surgery Education SU200 Orientation SIM Center P. Pratt-Terry
Every 0700-0800 Cardiac Heart Transplant Conference 4PT - Gates CR M. Acker
Every 0700-0800 Thoracic Thoracic Surgery/Pulmonary Medicine 5 Founders M. Thompson
Every 0730-0830 Cardiac Thoracic Aortic Clinical Research
and Journal Club
6 Silverstein J. Bavaria
Every 0800-0900 Cardiac VAD Conference 4 PT - Gates CR R. Morris
3rd 1700-1800 Vascular Journal Club 1 Rhoads CR R. Fairman

9/16, 12/16, 3/17, 6/16

1800-1930 Surgery Faculty Meeting Surgery Theatre J. Mullen
2nd 1800-1900 Surgery Council of Chiefs Chairman's Office J. Mullen
Every 1300-1400 Pediatric Fetal Surgery Conference Wood 5206 L Howell
Bi-Weekly 0630-0730 Cardiac ICU Teaching Conference 5 Founders M. Acker
Every 0630-0800 Trauma Divisional Conference 5 Maloney P. Kim
4th 0630-0800 Urology Division Conference CHOP - 6 Wood Club A T. Kolon
Every 0630-0730 Vascular Division Conference Surgery Theatre R. Fairman
Every 0700-0800 GI Surgery Division Conference

Hirst Auditorium

S. Raper
As Scheduled 0700-0830 Transplant Division Conference Fitts Library A. Naji
Every 0630-0730 Urology Division Conference 9 PT CR J. McCabe
Every 0730-0830 Cardiac PPMC Cardiology/Cardiac Surgery Heart & Vascular
Pavilion - 106 CR
R. Morris
(Except Summer)
0730-0830 Cardiac Cardiology/Cardiac Surgery Surgery Theatre M. Acker
Every 1200-0100 Transplant Conference Division Conference 1 Founders CR R. Bloom
Every 1200-1300 Surg/Critical Care Division Conference R5 ICU CR P. Reilly
Every 1700-1800 Thoracic Thoracic Oncology 1 PCAM J. Kucharczuk
Every 1700-1830 Urology Division Conference CHOP - CR 3W17 T. Kolon
Every 1730-1900 Plastic Surgery Teaching Conference 10 PT CR S. Kovach
Every 0630-0715 Surgery Didactic Lecture Surgery Theatre P. Reilly
Every 0630-0800 Urology Division Conference 9 PT CR T. Guzzo
Every 0700-0800 Cardiac Caardiac Surgery M & M Gates CR, 4 PT M. Acker
Every 0700-0800 Plastic Grand Rounds 10 Penn Tower J. Serletti
(Except Summer)
0700-0800 Pediatric Grand Rounds CHOP - 6 Wood Hope T. Blinman
Every 0715-0900 Surgery Case Management Surgery Theatre J. Mullen
Monthly 0715-0900 Surgery Grand Rounds Surgery Theatre J. Mullen
(Except Summer)
0730-0830 Cardiac Cardiology/Cardiac Grand Rounds Heart & Vascular
Pavilion - 106 CR
W. Szeto
Every 1500-1600 Urology Tumor Board CHOP - 6 Wood Club B T. Kolon
Every 1600-1700 Cardiothoracic Lung Transplant Conference 8 Maloney M. Acker
Every 1700-1800 Pediatric Patient Management Wood 5206 S. Adzick
2nd 0700-0800 Cardiothoracic Case Management Surgery Theatre M. Acker
Every 0700-0800 Transplant Hepatobiliary Tumor 2 Dulles K. Olthoff
3rd and 4th
(Except Summer)
0700-0800 Cardiac Didactic Lecture 6 Silver - CT CR P. Atluri
Every (Except 2nd) 0700-0830 Thoracic Case Presentation 6 Ravdin J. Kucharczuk
Every 0900-1700 Surgery Education SU 200 Variable P. Pratt-Terry
1st and 3rd 1200-1300 Trauma Acute Care Surgery Theatre B. Braslow
Bi-monthly 0800-0930 Urology Urology Lecture Series PAH - Zubrow Aud. T. Guzzo
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