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William T. Fitts

fitts education centerThe William T. Fitts Surgical Education Center was built in 1994 to provide Surgical Medical Residents, Faculty and Students with the means to expand and foster their education.

The William T. Fitts, Jr. Surgical Education Center was named after William T. Fitts, Jr., John Rhea Barton Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery from 1972 through 1975.

Dr. Fitts was born in Jackson, Tennessee in 1915.  He attended Union College and later studied medicine at theUniversity of Pennsylvania, where he was ranked first in the Class of 1940.  His post graduate education was interrupted by World War II, at which time he served as a surgical ward officer in the Affiliated Unit of the University of Pennsylvania, the 20th General Hospital, stationed in the China-Burma-India Theatre.  After the war, Dr. Fitts returned to the University to complete his surgical residency, and in 1950 was made an Assistant Professor at Penn.

The facility offers a multitude of textbooks, journals, instructional videos and computer workerstations to broaden the scope of surgical training. The center is located on the 4th floor of the Maloney Building.

Data Network

Fitts WorkstationsThe Surgery Education Data Network contains 10 computer workstations in the William T. Fitts Surgical Education Center. These workstations can be used for anything from on-line training to simple web browsing.

All workstations are running Windows XP with Intel Pentium IV processors. These pc’s are equipped with Digital Flat panels and CDRW disk drives, each accessible to a wide range of software programs: Microsoft Office 2007 Professional which includes MS-Word for word processing, MS-PowerPoint for presentations, Ms-Access for database utilization, MS-Excel for spreadsheets and MS-Publisher for desktop publishing. One workstation has a scanner installed for use with Photoshop. Microsoft Internet explorer is the standard for World Wide Web access, along with a Microsoft Outlook Web icon, which will enable you to view your email through the web. Each workstation is connected to an HP LaserJet printer, which is capable of handling any file at 17 pages per minute.

Conference Room space is available and has a dedicated PC and an easy to use laptop connection that will allow a presenter the ability to show Fitts Video Equipmenttheir presentations on any or all of the (4) 50" Plasmas. It is hardwired with fiber from the Surgical Theatre allowing multiple live surgical images from the Perelman Center ENDO suites, and the Dulles and Ravdin OR's for viewing in the Fitts Education Center.

Video Equipment

The Fitts Education Center has a dedicated PC and an easy to use laptop connection that will allow a presenter the ability to show their presentations on any or all of the (3) 50” Plasmas.

The Fitts also has a Polycom 4000 video codec allows video conferencing to any other system located inside the network over IP. The Education Center also contains a VCR and DVD Player and has the ability to display a Direct TV satellite feed on any or all of the plasma screens.

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