Residents' Executive Council

The Residents' Executive Council is an open forum for all residents to discuss issues concerning the surgery residency training years. The Council meets on the last Friday of each month. Agenda items should be sent to the committee chair.

The vitality of the residency depends on active participation in this committee as an effort to provide input from the residents to the Department. It only works if the residents participate actively.

The Surgery Residents' Council is the meeting that incorporates all of the residents of the residency is serves to disperse information and poll the larger group. It also serves to bring all residents together on a regular basis. The new REC is a smaller committee with elected reps for each year that makes decisions on the issues that are most important to the residents.


  • 1 representative per training year
  • CY1 representative is a categorical general surgery resident
  • Elected by fellow program year members, in the first week of July for the first REC meeting 3rd Wednesday in July
  • Will act as a bidirectional liason between their class and REC
  • Representatives will be held accountable to:
    • Actively communicate with his/her group
    • Represent the interests of his/her training year and not personal interests

Residents' Executive Council

  • Composed of 8 representatives, REC Chair, REC Chair elect
  • Meets monthly and as needed; 10 resident members and Program Director attend the meetings
  • Committee that formulates resident policies and schedules, including:
    • Service specific goals
    • Educational Programs
    • Yearly slotting – February
    • Provides official resident position on various issues

Chair - Selection

  • Elected by popularity based on an anonymous survey/election
  • Must be a lab resident, given time constraints
  • Must be nominated
  • Must accept nomination
  • First serves as REC Chair-elect, so as to allow a period of overlap and systems education with prior REC chair
  • Elected in January, Assumes REC Chair position June 20th

Chair - Responsibilities

  • Attends weekly DSE meetings
  • Chairs REC and Surgery Resident Council Meetings, including dissemination of meeting minutes
  • Maintains active role in Housestaff Committee/GMEC
  • Monitors and manages scheduling issues with program director’s assistance
  • Liason between residents and REC and DSE as well as administration
  • Manages the attendance sheets from weekly Morbidity and Mortality/Grand Round meetings