Applicable to All Department of Surgery Housestaff

Compensation - Specific to Department of Surgery

University of Pennsylvania Medical Center's budget policy for supporting graduate medical education: "HUP will use standards set by the major third parties as a basis for the budgeting of payment of residents and fellows." In concert with this Medical Center policy, all Department of Surgery housestaff on the HUP payroll will be paid according to their number of years in Medicare-approved Department-recognized clinical surgical training.

FY20 Salary Information

Clinical Year Hourly Rate Annual Salary
PGY1 $ 29.05 $ 60,757.00
PGY2 $ 30.06 $ 62,858.00
PGY3 $ 31.55 $ 65,978.00
PGY4 $ 32.83 $ 68,661.00
PGY5 $ 34.24 $ 71,614.00
PGY6 $ 35.40 $ 74,027.00
PGY7 $ 36.59 $ 76,523.00
PGY8 $ 37.31 $ 78,021.00
PGY9 $ 38.26 $ 80,018.00

These stipend rates for housestaff reflect the ongoing institutional commitment to remain competitive within the Northeast region of the country as well as the local market.

Paycheck Distribution

Housestaff are paid biweekly. Housestaff are strongly encouraged to enroll in Direct Deposit by signing up on the Employee Self Service website.

Paychecks for individuals who do not use Direct Deposit will be mailed to their home address on file.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Virtually all HUP General Surgery Residents spend at least 2 full years in a research laboratory of their choice. Residents, with the assistance of their mentors, are required to seek outside funding to support their laboratory experience. Funding possibilities should be researched early in the residency. Please visit Research Section for information regarding faculty and their laboratories or research opportunities.

  1. Residents who leave the residency Full-time for a research assignment will be "Postdoctoral Researchers in the Harrison Department of Surgical Research." Upon the completion of their research activity individuals will re-enter the residency in the usual fashion, assuming acceptable performance.
  2. Payment will be through the University and Hospital payroll systems.
  3. Please refer to the Moonlighting Section for policies and procedures for moonlighting while a postdoctoral fellow.
  4. Attendance at Departmental housestaff conferences will be required of the Postdoctoral Researchers.