Applicable to All Department of Surgery Housestaff

William T. Fitts Surgical Education Center (WTFSEC) - Computer Facility

The WTFSEC is located on 4 Maloney at the Hospital of the Univeristy of Pennsylvania. Housestaff can obtain access to the facility by using your HUP identification badge. Housestaff have 24-hour, seven day a week access to the library. The Center encompasses all aspects of surgical education. The Center has available standard surgical textbooks, atlases and journals which may not be removed from the facility. Ten workstations can access a variety of software programs including MS-Office, the internet, Navicare, EPIC, Sunrise and Medview. One workstation is equipped with a flatbed scanner.

We ask that you help maintain the library by respecting the following rules:

  1. Access - Do not allow anyone the use of your identification badge to get into library/workroom. This includes medical students or residents from other programs. If items are found to be missing, access to all staff will be discontinued after hours.
  2. Cleanliness - Clean up after yourself and others
  3. Books - Books should never be removed, signed out, borrowed, or stolen from the library. There is a copier machine located in the library. Noncompliance with this rule will not be tolerated.
  4. Outside departments provide their residents with library facilities. Residents from the other Departments are not permitted to use this facility once they have completed their tenure in the Department of Surgery.
  5. The Computer Network - Do not DOWNLOAD anything on to the computer desktop. If there is a program that you would like to have put on the network, please give the name and the version of the program to the DSE office.