Applicable to All Department of Surgery Housestaff

Meal Stipends

Housestaff meal stipends are loaded onto an electronic swipe-card system tied to your HUP ID card. 6 months of your stipend meal allowance will be front loaded on to your card and available to you on July 1. The second half of the year is loaded on your card in January. The stipend amount you will receive has been determined by your training program and is based on your assigned clinical rotations at HUP. Meal stipends are available for residents in accredited training programs only. Your card will only work in the HUP cafeteria.

Important information on how the swipe-card system will work:

  • The remaining balance available in your account will be printed on your receipt each time you make a purchase at the HUP cafeteria. Housestaff will be responsible for budgeting their stipend throughout the year.
  • If you lose your ID card at any point during the year you must immediately notify the GME Office (215-662-3957) to put a hold on your account. You will then be responsible for getting a new ID card from HUP Security and reporting your new ID number back to the GME Office so that they can reactivate the new card.