Applicable to All Department of Surgery Housestaff

Meeting Reimbursements Policy

Attendance - Educational attendance at scientific society meetings by current housestaff require the written prior approval of:

  1. Faculty sponsor
  2. Chief of the clinical service or research lab to which the housestaff is assigned during proposed trip
  3. Director, Surgery Education Administration
  4. Program Director
  5. Vice Chair, Education

All signatures must be obtained on the Pre-Trip Form before approval is given. Pre-trip forms MUST be submitted at least two weeks prior to meeting dates.

Housestaff in the last 2 clinical years of their training may be reimbursed for travel and registration to ONE course per year.

Division of Surgical Education reimbursement of expenses for attendance of current housestaff at scientific society meetings will be defined by these rules:

Type of Trip Frequency Duration
and Other Requirements
Podium Presentation Unlimited Length of conference with travel time* Continental
North America
(this excludes travel
to Hawaii and Alaska)
Work must
be done at Penn
Poster Unlimited Day of presentation
plus travel time*
North America
(this excludes travel
to Hawaii and Alaska)
Work must
be done at Penn

*travel time is defined as one extra day on each end of your trip for travel from and back to Philadelphia if necessary

The individual resident, not the department, will bear the added expense of poor planning. Meeting registration fees will be only at the resident rate. All trip approvals and reimbursement for surgery housestaff will be handled by the Division of Surgical Education.

Complete subsequent forms and return to Surgery Education Office, 4 Maloney.

Pre-Trip Post-Trip
(Post-Trip Forms must be submitted within 90 days of trip)

Important Reimbursement Information:

  1. All meeting reimbursements (including ALL supporting documentation) must be turned in no later than 90 days from when the trip ended, no exceptions.
  2. Round-trip airfare from PHL to the city of the conference. Seat choices/upgrades are not reimbursed.
  3. Meeting registration fee at the resident rate. (Late registration fees will not be reimbursed.)
  4. BREAKFAST up to $17.70 including tip. LUNCH will be reimbursed up to $29.50 including tip and DINNER up to $59 including tip. You are limited to 3 meals a day. Each meal must be within a reasonable time frame related to that meal. i.e. Breakfast 5 am - 12 noon, Lunch noon - 5 pm, Dinner 5pm - midnight. (effective 7/1/14)
  5. You must submit original ITEMIZED receipts.
  6. Receipts for alcoholic beverages without food included will NOT be reimbursed.
  7. Submit detailed invoice for hotel expenses.
  8. Submit flight/train boarding passes, dates of travel and proof of payment.
  9. Include original taxi receipts, if driving your personal vehicle see your coordinator for documentation requirements. You must include mapped directions to and from your destination that includes mileage. You will be reimbursed at .54¢/mile which includes gas. Rental cars are not reimbursed.
  10. Expenses for any guests traveling with you will not be reimbursed (including meals).
  11. Include proof of conference attendance (name badge and copy of program cover and print out ONLY the page that shows your name and your presentation).
  12. Include copy of credit card statement for all purchases. Credit card must clearly show your name and at least the last 4 digits of your credit card/account number. Please highlight all applicable transactions.
  13. Receipts should be submitted to your program coordinator in an envelope or paper clipped. Please do not staple any documentation.
  14. All reimbursements are subject to the rules and guidelines outlined in the UPHS Business Travel and Entertainment Expense Policy.

Please submit your receipts and documentation to your program coordinator as follows: