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Housestaff Mobile Device Policy

Mobile Device Problems

  • Any housestaff that experience problems with their AT&T cell phone must report the problem to the UPHS help desk at 215-662-7474. Please state that you are with the "Department of Surgery" and make sure to give a contact number where you can be reached. You will be given a ticket number and a Surgery IS staff member will be contacting you for a resolution.

Mobile Device Options/Support

  • All housestaff will be issued a standard device (cell phone or blackberry)
  • Any housestaff wishes to use a device other than the standard, this will be a personal out of pocket expense. All device purchases MUST go through Surgery IS group (helpdesk ticket)
  • Surgery IS will support the link to Exchange Mail on all devices. Some devices such as the Iphone are supported by the apple store and not Surgery IS.
  • **Check with Surgery IS first to make sure you are eligible to upgrade at the discounted price**

Mobile Device Domestic Use

  • All Roaming and Long Distance charges incurred (outside groups pooled plan) may be billed to housestaff IF Penn Surgery Pool allotments are exceeded
  • All minutes and calls are tracked by the Surgery Education Office
  • SMS/Text messaging plans are now unlimited

International Use

  • Using your mobile devices outside the United States is Strictly Prohibited without the following steps:Inform Manager and receive written (email) approval
    • Call or Email the UPHS Helpdesk about one week prior to travel and include the following:
      • Name
      • Mobile Number/Device
      • Managers approval
      • Dates of Travel
      • Destination(s)
      • Be sure to mention you are with the Dept of Surgery so your ticket is routed properly
      • Be sure to document the ticket number for future reference
    • You will get an email or phone call from a member of the Surgery IT Group explaining the potential charges/restrictions while you are abroad depending on your destination.
    • SMS/Text messaging is strictly prohibited while abroad. In most cases SMS/Text features are automatically disabled when international data/voice plans are added
  • If you do not hear from the Surgery IT group before you leave then please contact or and be prepared to present your ticket number
  • In the event additional international charges are incurred on your Mobile Device (cell phone or blackberry) without the previous steps being followed then you will be personally responsible for the additional charges.

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Devices

  • Housestaff are responsible for lost/stolen/damaged chargers and phones. There is a $50 charge for lost/stolen/damaged cell phones and a $100 charge to replace a lost/stolen/damaged blackberry.


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