Applicable to All Department of Surgery Housestaff

Housestaff Mobile Device Policy

Mobile Device Options/Support

  • All current smart phones must be an IPhone. At this time we are not allowed to order any Android or Windows devices as per corporate IS directions.
  • All incoming house staff and newly hired employees (who are being issued a smartphone), will be issued the current model free IPhone.
  • Anyone who wishes to use a different device other than the free IPhone MUST contact the Surgery IS group. They can tell you what models are available and their cost. (Please email
  • Surgery IS will support the downloading of the Maas360 App which will enable UPHS email on your device. They are not responsible for other apps or personal email accounts.
  • Surgery IS is not responsible for the backing up and then reloading of IPhone content through iTunes in the event of a phone upgrade.
  • All smart phones (whether the free IPhone or the purchased upgraded phone), come with a 2 year contract. After 2 years, you will be eligible for the discounted price of a new device.
  • To purchase a phone before you are eligible for the discount is EXPENSIVE!!!!!

Mobile Device Problems

  • Anyone experiencing problems with their cell phone must report the problem to Please state in the email your cell phone and make sure to give a contact number where you can be reached. You will be given a ticket number and a Surgery IS staff member will contact you for a resolution.
  • Hardware issues related to damage (Ex. cracked glass, water damage, etc) are NOT supported by Surgery IS but you will be directed to a 3rd party vendor who can assist (at cost of the user).

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Devices

  • There are numerous protective cases that can be purchased that will help prevent damage to the phone if dropped.
  • The Department of Surgery is not responsible for lost chargers or phones and must be replaced at the expense of the user.

Mobile Device Plan (per month)

  • The current UPHS cell phone plan is 450 minutes per user.
  • 3gb of data
  • Unlimited texting

Transferring your personal number onto our account

  • You can transfer a personal cell phone number onto the UPHS account ONLY IF IT HAS ONE OF THE FOLLOWING AREA CODES: 215, 610, 267, 484, 856, 609, and 302.
  • If your personal number being moved onto the UPHS account is currently an AT&T number, the date you are eligible for a discounted new phone price will come over with your current plan (Bringing your phone number to UPHS does not guarantee you an immediate upgraded phone).
  • If your personal number is with a carrier other than AT&T, you will either be issued the current free IPhone or pay out of pocket for an upgraded device.
  • Please email to begin this process

International Use

  • Using your mobile devices outside the United States is Strictly Prohibited for anyone but Faculty. When traveling overseas, please set to airplane mode and only use WiFi. Any incurred international charges will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the department heads.

Any questions pertaining to the above information please email: