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Parking/SEPTA Compass

Housestaff performing 50% or greater clinical duties is eligible for subsidized parking by the hospital and clinical department. In order to be eligible for parking, all appropriate documentation must be complete in accordance to the House Staff Policy #4.03. Parking stickers will be available three business days after the application has been received. 

TransPasses and TrailPasses are only available in lieu of parking. A house officer cannot be issued a SEPTA pass and a parking card. The Institution will pay the cost of a Zone 1 TransPass, or supplement the cost of a TrailPass up to a maximum of $63.00. Applications for changes to your commuter pass must be submitted to the Graduate Medical Education Office 35 days prior to the month the change is to take place. 

All SEPTA passes will be mailed to your home address. Make sure your current address is listed with the Human Resources Office. To change your address fill out the Employee Request to Change Personnel Records form (Intranet only form) and fax it to employee records at 215-662-4215.




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