Resident Research Assignments

For all research assignments proposed for a July 1 start date (including extensions for residents currently in research labs), the following guidelines must be followed:

  1. Every research resident must have a designated and responsible Faculty preceptor from our Department of Surgery, whether or not the laboratory in which the resident works is in the Department of Surgery.
  2. All applications proposing a research assignment are due no later than November 1st preceding the July 1st start date.
  3. All such applications must include a completed application to a external granting agency for resident salary and benefit and support for the proposed research assignment time period. Each resident investigator and Faculty preceptor is expected to apply for and generate appropriate resident personnel funds to cover the research assignment.
  4. All grant proposals and submissions require administrative review and signature by the Department, the School of Medicine, and the University prior to submission to the granting agency. Both the School and the University require that we send the proposals 5 business days prior to the grant deadline. That means that the Harrison Department of Surgical Research Business office should receive your proposal at least 10 business days prior to the deadline. This does not mean that you have to have the final “science” completed that far in advance but you should have all the other components of the grant, including the budget put together two weeks in advance. The research office needs time to review the requirements, gather appropriate information and route for approval.

Please contact Steve Mervis at 215-662-2806 when you know you are going to submit a grant. He will let you know who will work with you on that particular grant proposal.

Research Funding Opportunities

Those of you who currently have funding, please state the inclusive dates of funding, source and amount of funding in your application.

  1. Applications without an accompanying funding proposal to an external granting agency will be administratively rejected and not reviewed.
  2. All administratively acceptable applications will be reviewed and research assignments will be announced in December preceding July.
  3. All requests for laboratory assignment should contain the following information:
    1. Anticipated starting and finishing date.
    2. Faculty sponsor's concurrence via his signature and a separate recommendation letter.
    3. A one page synopsis of plans for this research experience including project descriptions, etc.
    4. Available funding from laboratory for applying resident.
    5. Completed application to an external granting agency including resident salary and benefit $ support.
  4. Selection Committee (Program Director, VC-Administration, VC-Research) will review requests and make recommendations to the Chairman for his final decision. They will consider the following factors in making their recommendations:
    1. Quality of the research proposal.
    2. Clinical and academic performance of the requesting resident.
    3. Quality of the Faculty sponsor's research program.
    4. Past performance of research residents in the specific laboratory.
    5. Available funding for laboratory resident from preceptor/grants/fellowships.
    6. Quality of the application for external funding.
  5. SOD Policy
  6. Tuition Policy for Residents