Schedule Change Procedures


  • Insure adequate patient care.
  • Full unequivocal compliance with all resident work rules – all SURGERY housestaff will comply regardless of clinical rotation or hospital.
  • Fair open equitable system to maximize changes for outside personal and academic conflicts and avoid any changes without one’s concurrence.
  • Systematic approach with clear rules and expectations – with the benefits of the work rules, also came a great decrease in flexibility.


  • MASTER ROTATION ASSIGNMENTS are posted on the Medhub and kept current. Day to day schedules are posted on the department web site.
  • The email request should be sent to the administrative residents.
  • The email request is required to include:
    1. Purpose of the change, specifics in detail of the change and solution to assure coverage.
    2. Work rule compliance.
    3. Concurrence of ALL stakeholders.
  • Requests without any of the above will automatically be denied.
  • Emergency requests should be sent directly to the administrative residents (i.e. personal and family health issues, interviews, etc.)