Applicable to All Department of Surgery Housestaff

Social Events Policy

  1. All events must be pre-approved in writing by the Program Director and/or Department Chairman.
  2. All events must be within the allocated budget for the Program.
  3. All check requests or reimbursements must be completed by the Program Coordinator and submitted to the Division of Surgical Education, 4 Maloney.
  4. Check requests must include: list of attendees, itemized list of expenses, purpose of the event, and sign-off from the Program Director or Departmental Chairman.
  5. All check requests must follow health system policies for events including:
    1. Original ITEMIZED receipts.
    2. Lunch will be reimbursed up to $35 and dinners up to $80 per person.
    3. Receipts for alcoholic beverages without food included will NOT be reimbursed.