Applicable to All Department of Surgery Housestaff

SurgCash Policy - Policy revised January 2016

SurgCash allows Department of Surgery housestaff to be reimbursed by the Department for a scientific meeting/conference, membership dues and/or other educational items including but not limited to books, CME courses, or surgical equipment.

Computer purchases must be made through the Department and cannot be reimbursed if purchased by the trainee. You must have enough funds in your SurgCash account to cover the entire cost of the computer. You may not make up the difference with personal funds. We are a Microsoft (Windows) company. NO APPLE PRODUCTS MAY BE PURCHASED WITH SURGCASH. All computers and laptops will be ordered through and must be an approved Penn Medicine Standard device. The current models can be found here. PLEASE NOTE***If purchasing a laptop, you must include the price of Computrace ($65.00) in your total purchase.

The Program Director will determine if an item is eligible for SurgCash reimbursement. Send inquires on eligibility to your Program Coordinator. SurgCash funds can only accrue up to $2,500. If you choose to use your SurgCash funds for a scientific meeting/conference, follow meeting reimbursement policy and submit receipts to the DSE. Conferences at which residents are presenting will continue to be funded outside of SurgCash. All receipts for educational items should also be submitted to DSE (original receipts only). Balances on your SurgCash account will be kept in the DSE and inquires can be made to the Program Coordinator.

SurgCash is updated each July with the following amounts:

  • CY1/2 - $250
  • CY3 - $500
  • RY1/2/3 - $1,000
  • CY4/5 - $1,500
  • CY6+ - $2,000