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Training Program

Program Composition

The General Surgery Program has:

  • 6-8 Categorical General Surgery Residents
  • 10 Preliminary General Surgery Residents
  • 2 Integrated Plastic Surgery Residents
  • 4 Urology Residents
  • 4 Otorhinolaryngology Residents
  • 8 Orthopaedics Surgery Residents
  • 2-3 Neurosurgery Residents
  • 2-3 Oral Surgery Residents
  • 1 Interventional Radiology Resident

Orthopedic and Otorhinolaryngology Surgery residents spend 6 months and 9 months respectively, on general surgery rotations. Urology residents spend one year on general surgery rotations, while Oral Surgery residents spend 12 months of first two years of their residency on general surgery rotations and Interventional Radiology residents spend two years on general surgery rotations. Integrated Plastic Surgery residents spend their first three years on general surgery rotations.


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