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Training Program

Resident Conference

Surgical Education Series
Thursday's 6:30-7:15 AM - Flyers/76ers Surgery Theatre

July 2016 Subject Speaker
7 DECKER Airway Emergencies Cannon
14 DECKER Evaluation of Surgical Risk Valentine
21 DECKER Perioperative Pain Management Dell Burkey
28 DECKER Melanoma and Skin Cancers/Sentinel Lymph Nodes Karakousis
Aug. 2016 Subject Speaker
11 DECKER Breast Cancer Sataloff
18 DECKER Hereditary Breast Cancer Fisher
25 DECKER Benign Breast Disease Anderson
Sept. 2016 Subject Speaker
1 DECKER Soft Tissue Sarcomas Brooks
8 DECKER Junior: Resident Research Symposium (Flyers/76ers Theater)
Senior: Review (Fitts Education Center)
15 DECKER Surgical Management of GERD Dempsey
22 DECKER Intestinal Obstruction Raper
29 DECKER SRC Meeting G. Lee/Newton
Oct. 2016 Subject Speaker
6 DECKER Gastric Cancer Roses
13 DECKER GIST Karakousis
20 DECKER GI Bleeding Braslow
27 DECKER Small Intestine Tumors Roses
Nov. 2016 Subject Speaker
3 DECKER Senior (PGY3+): Fatigue Management with Dr. Ilene Rosen (Surgery Theatre)
Junior (PGY1-2): Fluids, Electrolytes, Acid-Base Disorders with Ian Folkert (Fitts Education Center)
Junior Review: Folkert
10 DECKER Senior (PGY3+):Board Style Review with Dr. Robert Roses (Fitts Education Center)
Junior (PGY1-2): Fatigue Management with Dr. Ilene Rosen (Surgery Theatre)

Senior Review: Roses
17 DECKER Surgical Treatment of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Dumon
24   No Conference - Thanksgiving  
Dec. 2016 Subject Speaker
1 DECKER SRC Meeting Morris
8 DECKER Short Gut and Nutritional Support Charlene Compher
15 DECKER Inguinal Hernia Soriano
22 DECKER ***MCQ - split sessions Roses/K. Lee/Mollo
29   No Conference - Holiday Week  
Jan. 2017 Subject Speaker
5 ABSITE ABSITE Review Chiefs
12 SRC SRC Meeting Lee/Newton
19 DECKER    
26 DECKER    
Feb. 2017 Subject Speaker
2 DECKER    
9 DECKER    
16 DECKER    
23 DECKER    
Mar. 2017  Subject  Speaker
2 DECKER    
9 DECKER    
16 DECKER    
23 DECKER    
30 DECKER    
Apr. 2017 Subject Speaker
6 DECKER    
13 DECKER    
20 SRC SRC Meeting Lee/Newton
27 DECKER    
May 2017 Subject Speaker
4 DECKER    
11 DECKER    
18 DECKER    
25 DECKER    
June 2017 Subject Speaker
1 DECKER    
8 DECKER    
15 DECKER    
22 DECKER Intern Welcome 2016-2017 Newton/REC elect
29 DECKER    

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