Agnew Surgery Society Membership

Membership in the Agnew Society is open to all Penn Medical Students, and all classes will have the opportunity to join our email lists at the beginning of the school year. Sign-up sheets will be available at the Student Activities Fair, in MS1 and MS2 lecture halls, and by email. A membership survey will be sent in early September, and students will be asked to commit to attending at least 4 of 5 Agnew meetings to be considered Agnew members. Individuals wishing to attend less frequently are welcome and announcements about upcoming programs will be sent to the entire student body. Students are kindly asked to indicate their interest in attending skills workshops in advance, in order to ensure a sufficient supply of materials and instructors. Due to space limitations, invitations to the Agnew dinner will be extended only to members who fulfill the above requirement.

If you wish to join the Society at any point during the year, email Chris Corbett with your name and contact information.