Frequently Asked Questions
(Most Items Will Be Found in the Syllabus):

1.    What are the required items for the Surgery Clerkship? When are they due?

Assignment Due Date
EBM Assignment pt. 1 Week 6 (Friday)
EBM Assignment pt. 2 Week 8 (Friday)
7 Feedback Cards
4 Feedback Cards (3 MD, 1 non-MD)
3 Mid-Rotation Cards
(2 from subspecialties, 1 from general surgery)
Week 12 (Friday)
4 Write-Ups: 2 to the PBL Instructor,
2 to the Site Coordinator or Resident
Week 12 (Friday)
OASIS Checklist Requirements 10 days after the shelf
Wise-MD Modules (4 Modules) 10 days after the shelf
UCOP Form (ONLY REQUIRED IF YOU PLACED A FOLEY) 10 days after the shelf

2.   I am going to be out unexpectedly; what is the policy and procedure for absences?

**The full Attendance Policy in the syllabus (pages 12-14)** You must contact the course director and the clerkship coordinator if you need to miss a session.

Permission for an absence for an acute illness or an acute exacerbation of a chronic illness or other unavoidable events such as an acutely ill family member or a death in the family should be requested from the clerkship directors as soon as possible and will routinely be granted. If you are absent more than once without prior approval it will impact your overall grade.

3.   When I arrive at my site, where do I put my things? Do we have a space on the floors for students?

At HUP the students have their own touch down space located on Founders 9 – Room 30. The code is: 3215. You are not to utilize any of the call rooms/spaces for residents and other staff. Please make sure to keep the room clean and remember its shared space! Any students at PPMC, PAH, or the VA, please make sure to get in contact with your Cheif Resident to discuss a space for your personal items.

4.   What is the UCOP? Where can I find it?

The log must be turned in no later than 10 days after the completion of your surgery clerkship. If you are found to have an incomplete or falsified log, your behavior will be considered unprofessional and noted in your evaluation. Please also notify the clerkship coordinator and director if your patient develops a urinary tract infection within 48 hours of catheter placement. Please note that you must also log Foley Placements in OASIS.

5.   Uh-Oh! I did not see or perform one of the items on the Required Checklist for OASIS. What can I do to fulfill the requirement?

When you are unable to see or perform a required item, you can do any one of the following three things to fulfill the requirement (see below).

  1. Log one the Skills Sessions from orientation
  2. Log one of the Wise-MD modules
  3. Find a related article or video online (you MUST cite the source of the material in the comments/notes section)

**Please note that for any task requiring more than one entry, you need to use different items for each entry. This means that if you want to use a video or article to fulfill a requirement that asks for two entries, you cannot use that same video or article for the second entry.**

6.   Which tasks are appropriate to use for the Required Checklist items?

It is only appropriate to add tasks that are relevant to the patient on the Surgical portion of your rotation ONLY; anything seen or completed during your month on Optho/Oto/Ortho/Anes is NOT to be used for the surgical checklist. Also, it would not be appropriate to use any of the patient's medical history that is not pertinent to or directly related to their current medical condition or status.

7.   What do I need for the Requirements Checklist?

ALL patient encounter listed in OASIS needs to have the following items:

  • Date Observed
  • Medical Record Number
  • Setting
  • Location
  • Level of Participation

If you are not entering the information into the system right away, you are welcome to keep track of the information on your own and enter it by the due date. PLEASE make sure you are keeping patients' information secure and confidential.

8.   When and where can I get a Suture Kit?

You can get a suture kit from the Clerkship Coordinator (Surgery Education Office, 4 Maloney).

We currently have a limited number of kits available, so we ask that you only sign them out during the General Surgery portion of the rotation. Please wait until after Orientation to request a kit.

9.   How do I find the PBL Information for the Block?

You can find all of your PBL information (groups, questions, sessions, etc.) under the Education/Training portion of the website.

10.   Where can I view the didactic lecture PowerPoints?

Didactic Lecture PowerPoints can be accessed from Canvas in the files section. If there are any issues with viewing the presentations, please contact the Clerkship Coordinator.

11.   How do I schedule a Feedback Meeting with the Course Directors?

The Clerkship Coordinator will e-mail the group with the scheduled meetings for the students. Feedback meetings with the course directors are mandatory. The student will need to complete and send the Self Evaluation form to the Clerkship Coordinator before the meeting in scheduled.

12.   Where can I get the schedules/required readings for my upcoming rotation?

You can view your schedules from the rotations folder on Canvas in the file section. Any questions pertaining to the schedule and/or assignments for the rotation should be directed to the Site Coordinator or his or her’s designee.

13.   Where can I find the schedule for the Overnight Consult? What if I need to change my schedule?

The overnight consult schedule can be found on the Consult page.

If you are unavailable on your designated date, find another student to switch with you and then contact the Clerkship Coordinator to approve the change. (You will be responsible for making arrangements/accommodations with the other student). If you are unable to find anyone that is available to take your evening, please contact the Clerkship Coordinator for assistance.

14.   Where do I go to submit my EBM? How do I log in?

You need to log into the EBM Educational Prescription website here: EBM Educational Prescription Log-In. Your log-in should be:

Username: Penn or UPHS Email Address
Password: Penn ID#
You should mark the Clerkship Coordinator as your Grader. If you have trouble logging on, please contact the Clerkship Coordinator.

15.   What do I need to do for the Shelf Exam? Is there anything I need to bring or do prior to the exam?

Starting in 2016, the NBME Surgery Shelf Exam will be done on-line at the School of Medicine. Students are asked to arrive 10-15 mins prior to the start time so we can begin promptly.Scratch pads and writing materials will be provide for during the exam. You must bring your Penncard or Penn ID for the exam.

Food and drink are NOT permitted in the testing area around the computers.

16.   How are the grades determined? When will I get my final grade?

**The full grading policy can be found in the syllabus on pages 10-11**

The overall grade for the 8 week surgery portion of the rotation is calculated as follows:

Surgery (35%)
Specialty 1
Specialty 2 (10%)
Participation & Attendance (5%) Shelf Exam*
H=35 H=10 H=10 H=20 Complete (Y/N) H=25 (80+) H=91+
HP=29.75 HP=7.5 HP=7.5 >HP=17 Incomplete (Y/N) HP=21.25 (79-75) HP=79-90
P=24.5 P=4.0 P=4.0 P=14   Low HP=20 (74-70) P=61-78
          P=17.5 (69-62)  
          LP=16.25 (61-56)  
  • All parts of the rotation are graded on the same scale of Honors/High Pass/Pass/Fail.
  • The lowest score one can receive on the Shelf Exam and still receive an Honors in the course is a 75. Any score lower than 56 on the Exam is a failure and the Exam will have to be re-taken at a later date (this is scheduled with the School of Medicine).
  • Your final grade can be impacted by the following issues and may result in a grade reduction:
    - professionalism
    - attendance (including tardiness and/or unexcused absences)
    - late or incomplete assignments

The Surgery Clerkship Directors determine and assign the Final Clerkship Grades.