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The final grade for the eight-week Surgery portion of the clerkship is computed on the basis of the following data with percentages representing guidelines for proportions of the grade. The Surgery final examination is a standardized National Board of Medical Examiners shelf examination.

A PASS grade for the course requires satisfactory performance in all phases of the clerkship. A HIGH PASS grade requires that all evaluators judge the student to be significantly above average. An HONORS grade generally requires an honors designation by over 3/4 of all evaluators and strong performance on the final examination. This grade is generally reserved for those students at the very top of the class. A grade of FAIL may be assigned for failing to attend lectures, conferences, or PBL sessions as well as lack of participation in clinical activities. Serious breach of professional behavior, ethics, or the honor code will result in a failing grade. The Department Chairman has the final say on all grades.

Failure to pass the NBME Surgery Final Exam (a raw score below 56) will result in the grade of UNSATISFACTORY until the test is retaken and passed. The student is expected to retake the examination based upon the rules set down by the medical school administration. After successful completion of the exam, a grade will be awarded for the course. Student will not be eligible for a grade of "Honors". If the examination is failed again, the student must retake the course. Grades will be available approximately 4-8 weeks following the last day of the course.

At the discretion of the course director, students who perform marginally on the final exam or clinical rotations may also receive a grade of UNSATISFACTORY and be asked to repeat certain portions of the course.

Although our general policy is to not allow retakes of the final exam solely to improve the grade, it may be allowed at the discretion of the course director in extenuating situations such as illness at the time of the initial exam or other special circumstances. Students wishing to explore this option should contact the course director as soon as possible after completion of the course.

Final Grade - The final course grade is determined by adding up the points earned for each component of the grade using the table below.

Your Final Grade can be impacted by any of the following issues and may result in a grade reduction:
- professionalism
- attendance (including tardiness and/or unexcused absences)
- late or incomplete assignments

Surgery (35%) Sub-
Specialty 1
Specialty 2
Shelf Exam
Participation & Attendance 5% FINAL GRADE
H= 35
HP= 29.75
P= 24.5
Honors= 10
High Pass=7.5
Pass =4
Honors= 10
High Pass=7.5
Pass =4
H= 20
HP= 17
P= 14
H= 25 (80+)
HP= 21.25 (79-75)
Low HP=
20 (74-70)
P= 17.5 (69-62)
LP= 16.25 (61-56)
Complete (Y/N)
Incomplete (Y/N)
Honors= 91+
High Pass=
Pass= 61-78


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