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Tejal S. Brahmbhatt, M.D.
Trauma and Surgical Critical Care Fellow

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Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
The Trauma Center at Penn
3400 Spruce Street, 5 Maloney
Philadelphia PA 19104

Administrative Telephone: 215-662-7320

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Dr. Tejal S. Brahmbhatt is a native of St. Louis, Missouri.  He completed his undergraduate training and medical education at University of Missouri - Kansas City / Windsor School of Medicine.  After completing a post-doctoral research fellowship in Sepsis at the Washington University School of Medicine under Dr. Richard Hotchkiss, he completed his internship in General Surgery at the Barnes-Jewish Hospital of Washington University of St. Louis.  Dr. Brahmbhatt completed his General Surgery Residency at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN in 2012.

Dr. Brahmbhatt's second passion is music.  After being introduced to music and the violin at age 13, he was able to accelerate his studies and broaden his talents to classical composition.  At the age of 15, he was the youngest finalist ever in one of the world's oldest composition competitions in Poland.  He was the youngest violinist ever of the St. Louis Philharmonic at 16.  During the latter part of his high school career he continued to compete and place in the key international composition competitions of our time and was offered opportunities around the world to study.  He chose a path of training in science but continued to collaborate with industry composers not just in academic music but in popular film.  During his medical training he also obtained mentorship training through the French National Conservatory in Paris, France.  He has had works premiered in St. Petersburg, Russia; St. Louis, Aspen, Orlando, and London, England to name a few.  Although, as of late, classical composition has taken a backseat to his career pursuits in surgery, Dr. Brahmbhatt continues to occasionally now mentor doctoral candidates in classical composition and music theory.  As an avocation, plans are already underway to continue his endeavors in classical composition after fellowship through popular film.

Dr. Brahmbhatt's private interests include traveling, weight-lifting, gastronomy, oenology, and spending time with friends and family. 

Dr. Brahmbhatt's clinical interests include US Trauma systems' local, regional, and national resource allocation and decision making strategies in the emerging era of dwindling financial resources and rising region specific shortages of highly skilled physicians.


Attenuation of Lymphocytic Apoptosis; Small animals laboratory surgeon, flow cytometry
Mentor: Richard Hotchkiss, MD / Craig Coopersmith, MD, Depts. of Anesthesiology and Surgery;
Washington University of St. Louis, MO 2005 - 2006

Rat cardiac cardiac cannulization, donor myocyte harvesting and immunohistochemistry staining techniques
Mentor: Betty L Herndon, PhD, Dept of Medicine;
University of Missouri – Kansas City, MO 2001

PCR, gel electrophoresis, isolation of bovine ocular melanin pigment
Mentor: Henry J Kaplan, MD, Dept of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences;
Washington University of St. Louis, MO 1996

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  2. Schwulst SJ, Muenzer JT, Chang KC, Brahmbhatt TS, Coopersmith CM, Hotchkiss RS. Lymphocyte Phenotyping to Distinguish Septic from Nonseptic Critical Illness. J Am Coll Surg; 206(2):335-42, 2008 Feb.
  3. Schwulst SJ, Grayson MH, DiPasco PJ, Davis CG, Brahmbhatt TS, Ferguson TA, Hotchkiss RS. Agonistic monoclonal antibody against CD40 receptor decreases lymphocyte apoptosis and improves survival in sepsis. J Immunol;177(1):557-65, 2006 Jul.
  4. Brahmbhatt TS, Dunne C, Osborne DF, Chang KC, Hotchkiss RS. Nelfinavir blocks E. Coli induced human lymphocyte induced apoptosis. CCM; 33(12):A139, 2005 Dec.
  5. Herndon BL, Brahmbhatt TS, Latcham S, Fiorella R. “A siglec of endothelial heart valves?” Journal of Investigative Medicine; 50(2):204A, 2002 Mar.
  1. Brahmbhatt TS, Dunne C, Osborne DF, Chang KC, Hotchkiss RS. Presentation: "Nelfinavir blocks E. Coli induced human lymphocyte induced apoptosis." Society for Critical Care Medicine. Annual Meeting 2006 Jan.
  2. Brahmbhatt TS. Presentation: “Evaluation of immunochemical and lectin markers in a rat endocarditis model.” University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine Student/Faculty Research Day, 2002 Apr.


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