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Tareq Kheirbek, M.D.
Trauma and Surgical Critical Care Fellow

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Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
The Trauma Center at Penn
3400 Spruce Street, 5 Maloney
Philadelphia PA 19104

Administrative Telephone: 215-662-7320

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Dr. Kheirbek graduated medical school from Damascus University in Syria. He moved to the United States in 2006 where he completed his surgical residency at Washington Hospital Center in Washington DC, and a research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He is interested in shock and resuscitation research, studying trauma systems, and in surgical education, especially in trauma and critical care.


Attenuation of Lymphocytic Apoptosis; Small animals laboratory surgeon, flow cytometry
Mentor: Richard Hotchkiss, MD / Craig Coopersmith, MD, Depts. of Anesthesiology and Surgery;
Washington University of St. Louis, MO 2005 - 2006

Rat cardiac cardiac cannulization, donor myocyte harvesting and immunohistochemistry staining techniques
Mentor: Betty L Herndon, PhD, Dept of Medicine;
University of Missouri – Kansas City, MO 2001

PCR, gel electrophoresis, isolation of bovine ocular melanin pigment
Mentor: Henry J Kaplan, MD, Dept of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences;
Washington University of St. Louis, MO 1996

  1. Hypothermia in bleeding trauma: a friend or a foe? Tareq Kheirbek, Ashley R Kochanek, Hasan B Alam. Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med. 2009 Dec 23;17(1):65. A Review.
  2. Protective Effect of Suberoylanilide Hydroxamic Acid against LPS-induced Septic Shock in Rodents. Yongqing Li, Baoling Liu, Hang Zhao, Elizabeth A. Sailhamer, Xiaobo Zhang, Tareq Kheirbek, Robert Finkelstein, George Velmahos, Marc deMoya, Charles A. Hales, and Hasan B. Alam. Shock. 2009 Nov;32(5):517-23.
  3. Development and Testing of Low Volume, Hypertonic, Hyperoncotic, Spray-dried Plasma for the Reversal OF Trauma-Associated Coagulopathy. Fahad Shuja, Eugene Y Fukudome, Michael Duggan, Robert A Finkelstein, Tareq Kheirbek, Kristopher Hamwi, Thomas H Fisher, Karim Fikry, Marc deMoya, George C Velmahos, Hasan B. Alam, MD. J Trauma. 2011;70(3):664-671). Presented at the Western Trauma Association 2010.
  4. Pharmacologic resuscitation promotes survival and attenuates hemorrhage-induced activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1 / 2. Eugene Y. Fukudome, Ashley R. Kochanek, Yongqing Li, Yongqing Li, Baoling Liu, Tareq Kheribek, Jennifer Lu, Kyuseok Kim, Kristopher Hamwi, George C. Velmahos, Hasan B. Alam. J Surg Res. 2010;163(1):118-26. Presented at ASC Meeting Feb 2010.
  5. Identification of a Novel Potential Biomarker in a Model of Hemorrhagic Shock and Valproic Acid Treatment. Yongqing Li, Baoling Liu, Simon Dillo2, Elizabeth A. Sailhamer, Eugene Y. Fukudome, Tareq Kheirbek, George Velmahos, Marc deMoya, Towia Libermann and Hasan B. Alam J Surg Res. 2010 Mar;159(1):474-81
  6. Pharmacologic Resuscitation Attenuates Pulmonary Injury Following Hemorrhagic Shock in a Rodent Model. Ashley R Kochanek, Eugene Y Fukudome , Tareq Kheirbek, Baoling Liu, Yongqing Li, George C. Velmahos, Marc A. deMoya, David R. King, Hasan B. Alam. JACS 2010;211(3):S45
  7. Management of Fasciotomy Wounds – Does the Dressing Matter? Sarah E Matt, Laura S Johnson, Jeffery W Shupp, Tareq Kheirbek, Jack A Sava. The American Surgeon 2011;77(12):1656-1660. Poster presentation finalist ACS 2010 All Surgeons Day. Poster presentation AAST 2010 meeting

Dr. Tareq Kheirbek

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