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Surgical Critical Care Services

Progress Report
CPG Last Update Revised
Anemia in the SICU Sept 2004 May 2008
Analgesia & Sedation in the SICU Jan 2003 May 2008
Adrenal Dysfunction in Septic Shock Oct 2006 July 2008
Stress Bleeding Prophylaxis in the Surgical Critical Care Patient Sept 2004 May 2008
Resuscitation in Septic Shock Sept 2004 July 2008
Nutrition in the SICU Dec 2003 In Revision
Ventilator Associated Pneumonia in the SICU Feb 2006 May 2008
Deep Vein Thrombosis/Pulm. Embolus Prophylaxis Jan 2003 May 2008
Traumatic Brain Injury 2004 In Revision

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