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Division of
Traumatology, Surgical Critical Care
and Emergency Surgery
Critical Care Service
Core Competencies
Patient Care
  • Fellows will gather essential and accurate information about their patients
  • Fellows will make informed decisions about diagnostic and therapeutic interventions based on patient information, scientific evidence, and clinical judgment
  • Fellows will develop and carry out patient management plans
  • Fellows will communicate effectively with primary services, consultants, and other health care providers, leading to patient focused care
  • Fellows will communicate effectively and demonstrate caring and respectful behavior when interacting with patients and families.
Medical Knowledge
  • Fellows will demonstrate an investigatory and analytic thinking approach to patient care.
  • Fellows will know and apply the basic and clinically supportive science in relation to cardiovascular physiology, respiratory physiology, renal physiology, metabolic/endocrine physiology, and all other systems as they relate to the critically ill patient.
  • Fellows will develop a working knowledge of monitoring devices routinely used in the ICU
  • Fellows will develop a working knowledge of the administrative and management aspects of the ICU.
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