Trauma Nurse Excellence Award

Awarded Annually During Celebration of “May as Trauma Awareness Month”
2014 Award Winner
Pat Kim, Keriann Hanlon, John Gallagher
Keriann Hanlon, RN, BSN
Surgical ICU, Rhoads 5

Previous Winners

2013 Amy Capozzoli RN - Perioperative
Tricia Abel-Baker, RN - Emergency Department
2012 Jerry Stoudt, RN, CCRN, CNS - Rhoads 5 SICU
2011 Erica Domingo RN, BSN - Rhoads 5-SICU
2010 Meghan Feeney RN, BSN - Emergency Department
2009 Tom Levins, RN, BSN, CFRN - PennSTAR
2008 Diane Gussler, RN - Rhoads5-SICU
2007 Diane Zameska, RN - Rhoads5- SICU
2006 MaryAnn Henry, RN - Rhoads 5- SICU
Reagan Traut, RN - Emergency Department
2005 John Gallagher, RN, MSN - Rhoads 5- SICU
2004 Dave Alfano, RN - Rhoads 5- SICU
2002 Joe Delia, RN - Rhoads 5 - SICU
2001 Mike Murphy, RN - OR
2000 Lisa Noe, RN - Rhoads 5 - SICU
1998 Lynne Johnson BSN, RN - Emergency Department


  • Registered Nurse with minimum of two years experience at HUP in a trauma designated area (PennSTAR Flight, ED, EDOU, OR, PACU, Radiology, SICU, NICU, Trauma General Care, Trauma Case Management).
  • One person will be awarded in each of the following areas:
    • PreHospital/ED/Critical Care (PennSTAR, ED/EDOU, Radiology, SICU, NICU)
    • Periop/General Care (OR, PACU, General Care and Case Management)
  • Strong knowledge base regarding the care of injured patients (per peers and nursing leadership)
  • Special contributions to the enhancement of injury care at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, locally in the surrounding community, regionally and or nationally to include any of the following:
    1. Demonstrated special clinical skill competence in the care of injured patients.
    2. Policy development work related to injury
    3. Initiation of creative solutions to complex trauma patient/family situations
    4. Legislative work related to injury
    5. Champion/advocate for trauma patient/families
    6. Excellent educational offerings on trauma related topics
    7. Publication(s) in peer review journals on trauma related topics
    8. Participation in trauma related research
    9. Coordination of performance improvement initiatives related to improving care of injured patients.
    10. Active participation in trauma-related organizations: American Trauma Society, AACN, ARN, AORN, NFNA, ENA, Society of Trauma Nurses, Society of Critical Medicine, etc.

Please submit nominations to John J. Gallagher, MSN, RN - Trauma Program Manager; Division of Traumatology, Surgical Critical Care and Emergency Surgery 2nd floor Dulles Building or via email to Questions call 215-459-2026.

Include With Nomination:

  • Nominees full name and title
  • Category of nomination
  • Penn Medicine start date
  • Summary of accomplishments including reasons why they should be selected based on above criteria
  • Copy of their most recent CV/resume