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Training Program

Urology Grand Rounds    (FY17)

Urology Grand Rounds Academic Schedule - 0630-0800
Urology Conference Room - Room 3-335W
3rd Floor West Pavilion - Perelman Center

July 2015
2 Management, Morbidity and Mortality
9 Journal Club
16 Patient Safety
Jennifer S. Myers, MD
+ Sub-Interns’ Presentations

Clinical Competency
Alan J. Wein, MD, PhD (Hon), FACS
+ Sub-Interns’ Presentations


Is it time to go small? Mini versus Standard PCNL - Ross T. Cockrell, MD vs Abdo E. Kabarriti, MD
+ Sub-Interns’ Presentations

August 2015
6 Management, Morbidity and Mortality
13 The Penn CAUTI Prevention Program
Diane K. Newman, DNP
20 Journal Club
27 Residents’ Talks – Round 1
Cytoreductive radical prostatectomy for oligometastatic prostate cancer: Increasing survival or just our case load?
Amy M. Pearlman, MD vs Matthew E. Sterling, MD
To Cut or Not to Cut: Radical Prostatectomy in Very High Risk Prostate Cancer
Ross T. Cockrell, MD vs Abdo E. Kabarriti, MD
September 2015

Bladder Cancer Management
Trinity J. Bivalacqua, MD, PhD
+ Bladder cancer (Non-muscle invasive)

10 Management, Morbidity and Mortality
17 Journal Club
+ Castration-resistant prostate cancer
+ Sub-Intern Presentation
24 Pre and Perioperative Antibiotic Management
John J. Stern, MD
October 2015
1 Management, Morbidity and Mortality

Radiation Safety for Urology
Michael O’Shea, MS
+ Detection of Prostate Cancer

15 Journal Club
+ Erectile Dysfunction
22 A Neuropharmacologic Approach to Tobacco Use Treatment
Frank Leone, MD, MS
+ Incontinence (Female Stress)
+ Sub-Intern Presentation
29 Antibiotics in Urologic Surgery -
Keith W. Hamilton, MD
+ Interstitial Cystitis / Bladder Pain Syndrome
November 2015

Management, Morbidity and Mortality


Molecular Considerations in Renal Cell Carcinoma - S. Bruce Malkowicz, MD
+ Male Infertility

19 Journal Club
+ Medical Management of Kidney Stones
+ Sub-Intern Presentation
26 Happy Thanksgiving!
December 2015

Management, Morbidity and Mortality

10 Does it just take one speedy Gonzalez? Fresh versus frozen sperm for assisted reproductive technology - Lisa M. Parrillo, MD vs Mark S. Hockenberry, MD
+ Overactive Bladder
17 Journal Club
+ Peyronie’s Disease
+ Sub-Intern Presentation
24 No Conference - Happy Holiday's

No Conference - Happy New Year

January 2016
7 Management, Morbidity and Mortality

Cytoreductive radical prostatectomy for oligometastatic prostate cancer: Increasing survival and Amy M. Pearlman, MD vs Matthew E. Sterling, MD
+ Premature Ejaculation
+ PET/CT imaging trial for patients with prostate cancer - Michael Farwell, MD, Assistant Professor of Radiology

21 Journal Club
+ Priaprism
+ EPIC Upgrade Information
William I. Jaffe, MD

Can "less is more" become too little? Partial nephrectomy versus enucleation for renal tumors - Siobhan M. Hartigan, MD vs Christopher R. Miller, MD

February 2016

Management, Morbidity and Mortality   


The Role of TERE1 (UBIAD1) in Urologic Cancer - S. Bruce Malkowicz, MD
+ Radiation after Prostatectomy

18 Journal Club
+ Renal Cancer Follow-up
+ New sign-out tool for UPHS
Jacqueline M. Soeggard, MD Candidate /Clinical Informatics Intern
25 Combined Grand Rounds – Anesthesia & Urology - Robert R. Gaiser, MD, Anesthesia Course Director
Location: Medical Alumni Hall, 1st Floor, Maloney Bldg.
March 2016

Management, Morbidity and Mortality


Billing Compliance and Chart Documentation - Robert F. Bacon and James Flaherty
Please note that this session is their series and not Urology. CME credits will be handled by them and session code
will be provided by the speakers.

+ Renal mass


An office dilemma: Should the urologist treat metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer? - Benjamin L. Taylor, MD vs Jeremy R. Bonzo, MD
+ Staghorn calculi
+ Sub-Intern Presentation

24 Journal Club
+ Ureteral calculi

Dust in the Wind - Whether to Basket or Dust During Lithotripsy - Alexander J. Skokan, MD vs Ibardo A. Zambrano, MD
+ Urodynamics

April 2016
7 Management, Morbidity and Mortality

Improving Healthcare Quality for the Urology Patient Population             
Jennifer S. Myers, MD
+ Urotrauma

21 Journal Club
+ Vasectomy

Prostatic Artery Embolization
Timothy Clark, MD
+ Vesicoureteral Reflux

May 2016

Management, Morbidity and Mortality

12 Ischemic Priapism: Repeat Shunting vs Immediate Prosthesis
Eliza Lamin, MD vs David A. Kurz, MD
+ Urodynamics – Mark S. Hockenberry, MD
19 Journal Club
+ Ureteral Calculi – Lisa M. Parrillo, MD
+ Maximizing EPIC Usability – William I. Jaffe, MD

Digital and Social Media in Medical Professionalism and Practice
Nathaniel G. DeNicola, MD, MSHP, FACOG
+ Vasectomy – Mark S. Hockenberry, MD

June 2016

Management, Morbidity and Mortality


Medical Expulsive Therapy - Jose E. Pulido, MD vs Marshall C. Strother, MD
+ Vesicoureteral Reflux – Lisa M. Parrillo, MD
+ Sub-Intern Presentation

16 Journal Club
+ Sub-Intern Presentations
23 ACGME and the Scientific Method:
History and Personal Musings

Alan J. Wein, MD, PhD (Hon), FACS
30 Management

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