Overall Educational Goals

PGY7 -Academic/Vascular Lab - HUP

  1. Patient Care
    1. Residents will attend outpatient office hours and learn decision making and patient analysis.
    2. Residents will learn indications of operative or endovascular intervention.
    3. Attend and master vascular laboratory techniques for noninvasive imaging and be able to independently perform these studies.
  2. Medical Knowledge
    1. Understanding nuances and complexities of vascular disease processes.
    2. Learning indications for vascular non-invasive imaging.
    3. Preparing and presenting for weekly vascular grand rounds.
    4. Applying research initiatives to vascular disease processes.
  3. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
    1. Incorporation of educational conference, faculty evaluations, and self assessment to daily practice.
    2. Develop a pattern of continual education to keep abreast of the developments and improvements in our field to maintain delivery of state of the art care.
    3. Facilitate learning of students, residents and other health care professionals.
    4. Partake in education of residents at all levels.
  4. Interpersonal and Communication Skills
    1. To communicate and work effectively with all health care providers and hospital employees.
    2. To be able to communicate information to the patient and family effectively in an outpatient setting.
    3. Interacting with vascular laboratory technicians.
    4. Communicating and working with other professionals in achieving research goals.
    5. Presenting research projects in the form of presentations and manuscripts.
    6. Interacting with other vascular surgeons throughout the country at meetings.
  5. Professionalism
    1. To demonstrate compassion and respect for patient and family.
    2. To uphold patients’ privacy and rights.
    3. To perform under the highest ethical standards.
    4. To demonstrate sensitivity and responsiveness to patients’ culture, age, gender, and disabilities.
    5. Protecting patients’ rights during research projects.
  6. System-Based Practice
    1. Demonstrate the ability to work and navigate through all hospital systems.
    2. Functioning in the outpatient vascular laboratory setting.