Moonlighting Policy

During the Clinical Years

  1. Limited to assigned vacations.
  2. Not permissible at UPHS.
  3. The individual will function as an independent contractor for services provided and must have an unrestricted license in the state of employment and malpractice coverage is NOT provided by UPHS.
  4. An authorized individual from the institution must confirm in writing that said institution will not claim the resident on their Medicare cost reports and this moonlighting is NOT part of the residency training program.
  5. Academic stipulations apply

Financial Issues

  1. Malpractice coverage detailed in writing in advance by the by the authorized official of the proposed moonlighting job.
    1. Including amounts, limits, duration
  2. Cannot accept moonlighting salary (if federal dollars are the source) if receiving federal dollars as a source of research salary as a postdoctoral researcher.
  3. Cannot be personally submitting or agreeing that others can submit and collect Part B fee-for-service bills.

All Surgery Training Programs follow the guidelines outlined in the UPHS Housestaff Moonlighting Policy. (GME Policy #111-F - intranet only).