Computerized OP Log System and Reporting

Please Review This Material Carefully

We use a computerized system to record your operative experience with regular cumulative operative experience data and streamlined efforts.

  1. This system affects ALL General Surgery Residents and Specialty Residents during the General Surgery training years (Integrated Plastic Surgery, Urology, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Otorhinogology, Oral and Maxiallofacial Surgery) and pertains to ALL cases performed at ALL hospitals.
  2. At the Department of Surgery orientation, you will receive a pocket "checkbook" containing an index of Surgical Procedure Codes and case entry forms.
  3. This is the ONLY mechanism for you to receive credit for participation. Incomplete forms will be returned for completion. You cannot receive retrospective credit if you didn't complete a form.

Complete a Case Entry Form for each case for which you should receive and if another resident reports involvement in the same case, we will be asking additional information and handle any duplicate reporting. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY TO REPORT EACH OF YOUR CASES. Case entries should be returned to the DSE Office within on month of the case. Pick-up new booklets from this office or call if you need them to be placed in your mailbox. KEEP A COPY OF ALL FORMS YOU SUBMIT.

All records are recorded on a per case basis. The individual completing the form should be sure to supply ALL requested information. Up to TWO residents will be given credit for a single case.