FY19 Salaries and Benefits

Clinical Year Hourly Rate Annual Salary
PGY6 $ 35.31 $ 73,444.80
PGY7 $ 35.96 $ 74,796.80

These stipend rates for house staff reflect the ongoing institutional commitment to remain competitive within the Northeast region of the country as well as the local market. They are determined by Hospital policy according to the number of years of Medicare-approved, Department-recognized clinical surgical training.

Medical coverage is provided from among a choice of 3 comprehensive plans.

Additional Coverage: Dental insurance, vision care, life insurance and a prescription drug plan are also available.


Vascular Residents receive 1 month of vacation time annually. Vacation requests must be submitted to the Program Director. This time is in addition to time allotted for out of town conference attendance and job interviews.

Paycheck Distribution

Maternity and Paternity Policy

Educational Benefits

Education Session Attendance

William T. Fitts Surgical Education Center (WTFSEC)