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Cardiovascular Research Laboratory
Harrison Department of Surgical Research
Y. Joseph Woo, M.D.


Lab Space and Equipment

The Woo lab is located in Stemmler Hall and Goddard Labs on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. We have a fully functional small animal operating room equipped with three Hallowell EMC Anesthesia Workstation ventilators, three Nemi Scientific small animal ventilators, the Millar ARIA-1 Pressure Volume Conductance System for cardiac pressure/volume analysis, a Millar 2F Micro-Tip polyimide Pressure Volume Catheter for intraventricular hemodynamic analysis, a Transonic T402 cardiac output monitor with 2.5 PSL492 and M16-28PAX probes, a Philips Ultrasound SONOS 5500 ECHO machine with large/small animal transducers, an Edwards Lifesciences Vigilance Continuous Cardiac Output/Oximetry monitor, a CD Leycom Sigma 5-DF Pressure/Volume monitor with Millar Instruments Catheter, and a Hewlett Packard Patient Monitor for ECG/Resp and multiple pressure readings. We have a cell culture and microscopy room which houses a Leica DM5000 fluorescence microscope for immunohistochemistry, Forma Scientific water jacketed CO2 cell culture incubators, and a Fisher Hamilton Class II biological safety cabinet. We have additional office and wet lab space in Goddard, which houses our Leica CM3050S cryostat for tissue sectioning.

Dr. Woo has recently been awarded additional large animal OR space and wet lab space for cell and molecular biology work which will undergo complete renovation and be ready for use in early 2008.



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