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Traumatology, Surgical Critical Care and

Emergency Surgery Research

Steven R. Allen, M.D.

Geriatric Trauma
  1. Looking at GDF-11 (rejuvenation factor) in those who fall assessing  a correlation of levels and functional outcomes after the fall with potential to intervene with aggressive physical therapy to determine if we can increase GDF-11 levels or actually administer GDF-11 and improve functional outcomes.

  2. Looking at gaze perception and falls in elderly patients using eye tracking technology with the hypothesis that older adults who fall look at and visually perceive their environment differently than younger adults and even older adults not susceptible to falling. This could and will likely be taken further to the realm of driving to see if interventions that affect older adults’ visual attention can reduce both falls and motor vehicle collisions. We have the opportunity to use the CHOP driving simulator and basically do similar experiments that have been done on adolescents who are learning to drive. This has never been looked at in the geriatric population.

  3. Epidemiologic studies using a large database to look at falls and fall recidivism in the elderly to better define the incidence of repeated falls as well as the potential risk factors associated with repeated falls.

  4. Design and implementation of a training program for medical students that will be used to educate them about issues pertinent to older adults and injury/prevention.


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