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Division of
Vascular Surgical Research

Scott M. Damrauer, M.D.

Dr. Damrauer’s research leverages genomic techniques to characterize the biological pathways and cellular mechanisms that are most relevant for vascular disease. In the context of patient-oriented research protocols, he is using next-generation DNA sequencing in two important groups: individual patients with severe and/or early-onset vascular disease, and families with highly penetrant vascular disease. This will identify specific mutated genes underlying the patients’ disease and allow their isolation for study in in vitro and in vivo model systems. Understanding the molecular mechanisms that underlie these specific, rare forms of vascular disease will have mechanistic relevance for more common forms of vascular disease, and is a promising strategy to develop innovative, targeted treatments. He is additionally using state-of-the art proteomic techniques to identify biomarkers that can be used to detect and monitor the progression of vascular disease without the need for imaging studies.



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