Giorgos C. Karakousis, MD, FACS
- Endocrine and Oncologic Surgery

Dr. Karakousis's translational research primarily focuses on identifying and validating new biomarkers for melanoma. These include immune prognostic markers in the lymph system in the context of new and emerging immunotherapies. He is working toward this end in collaboration with pathologists, immunologists and basic scientists in the context of the Melanoma Spore program. He recently served as co-investigator on a clinical trial testing anti-PD1 therapy for resectable stage III/IV melanoma, and is principal investigator for a soon to be initiated peri-operative anti-PD1 therapy trial for patients with stage IIB/C melanoma as well as for the tissue collection protocol for melanoma at Penn. He is also involved in studies evaluating the use of photoacoustic imaging for detecting micrometastases from melanoma and the prognostic significance of circulating melanoma cells and DNA in patients with advanced melanoma. Finally, he is involved in numerous clinical research projects involving, sarcomas, melanomas, gastric cancer, and advanced peritoneal malignancies.