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Sapphire (Kidney Injury Biomarkers)

Sapphire AST-111 / Evaluation of Novel Biomarkers from Acutely Ill Patients at Risk for Acute Kidney Injury

The purpose is to look for biomarkers in the blood and urine that might be related to kidney damage caused by illness and infection. I will be asking subjects to provide blood and urine samples twice a day for the first 4 days and then once daily for 3 more days.

PI: Pat Kim, MD
Key Inclusion Criteria
  • SICU admission with urinary catheter admitted to unit w/in 24 hours, need for indwelling urinary catheter minimum of 48 hours after enrollment
  • Males and females 21 yoa or older
  • Subject enrolled (first sample collection) from ED to floor admitted to SICU within 24 hours of enrollment
  • Subjects enrolled from SICU admitted to the SICU w/in 24 hours prior to enrollment
  • Expected to remain in SICU for at least 48 hours after enrollment
    Use of indwelling catheter as standard of care for at least 48 hours after enrollment
  • Respiratory SOFA score of >2 (PaO2/FiO2 <300 OR Cardiovascular SOFA score >1 (MAP <70 mmHg and/or any vasopressor)
Key Exclusion Criteria
  • Previous renal transplant, worsening renal function prior to enrollment, HIV acute or chronic active hepatitis, Hgb <7 g/dL,active bleeding with anticipated need for >4 units PRBCs, acute or chronic dialysis or imminent need of dialysis
  • Previous renal tx, acute or worsening renal fx
  • Already on dialysis or imminent need
  • HIV
  • Active hepatitis (acute or chronic)
  • Active bleeding with anticipated need for > 4 units PRBC,
    Hgb < 7
  • No prisoners, pregnancy or institutionalized individuals

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