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Mannitol vs. Hypertonic Saline
A pilot, single institutional, prospective, non-blinded, threephase, three-arm open label study to compare two single-agent osmotherapies (20% mannitol or 5% NaCl (hypertonic saline) to standard of care crossover therapy in subjects who have traumatic brain injury and refractory intracranial hypertension requiring osmotherapy
PI: Jose Pascual, MD
Joy Steele, BSN (267) 971-0021
Recruiting at HUP
Key Inclusion Criteria
  • Presence of ICP monitor
  • Measured ICP <20mm Hg for >5 minutes unrelated to procedural pain , patient manipulation
  • Not more than one dose of mannitol given emergently prior to arrival in ICU
  • GCS < 9
Key Exclusion Criteria
  • Known chronic hyponatremia
  • Known or current renal failure, serum creatinine >1.5, CHF, cardiogenic
    pulmonary edema
  • Previous traumatic brain injury requiring hospitalization > 1 day

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