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Urology Research Laboratory
Harrison Department of Surgical Research
Dr. Samuel K. Chacko
Affiliated Faculty/Investigators
Shaohua Chang, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Laboratory of Dr. Thomas Tulenko
Cooper University Hospital
Office: 3 Copper Plaza, Suite 411, Camden, NJ 08103
Lab: Education and Research Building, Room 288
401 Haddon Avenue, Camden, NJ 08103
Phone: 610-203-6944
1998 Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, P.R. China
1999 - 2002 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Univesity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Research Interest
Smooth muscle contractility plays an important role in lower urinary tract (LUT) function. Abnormal smooth muscle contraction is related with overactive bladder and urinary incontinence. The long term goal of my research is to understand the molecular mechanism of smooth muscle dysfunction in LUT. My current research project is to study the alterations of smooth muscle contractile proteins and regulatory proteins in LUT in two animal models: Partial bladder outlet obstruction and Ovariectomy.
Selected Publication
  1. Pan XQ, Gonzalez JA, Chang S, Chacko S, Wein AJ, Malykhina AP. (2010). Experimental colitis triggers the release of substance P and calcitonin gene-related peptide in the urinary bladder via TRPV1 signaling pathways. Exp Neurol. PMID: 20501335.
  2. Chang S, Gomes CM, Hypolite JA, Marx J, Alanzi J, Zderic SA, Malkowicz B, Wein AJ, Chacko S. (2010). Detrusor overactivity is associated with the down-regulation of large conductance calcium- and voltage-activated potassium channel protein. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 298(6):F1416-23.
  3. Smolock EM, Trappanese DM, Chang S, Wang T, Titchenell P, Moreland RS.(2009) siRNA-mediated knockdown of h-caldesmon in vascular smooth muscle. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 297(5):H1930-9.
  4. Chang S, Hypolite JA, Mohanan S, Zderic SA, Wein AJ, Chacko S. (2009) Alteration of the PKC-mediated signaling pathway for smooth muscle contraction in obstruction-induced hypertrophy of the urinary bladder. Lab Invest. 89(7):823-32.
  5. Hypolite JA, Chang S, LaBelle E, Babu GJ, Periasamy M, Wein AJ, Chacko S. (2009) Deletion of SM-B, the high ATPase isoform of myosin, upregulates the PKC-mediated signal transduction pathway in murine urinary bladder smooth muscle. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 296(3):F658-65.
  6. Chang S, Hypolite JA, Disanto ME, Changolkar A, Wein AJ, Chacko S. “Increased basal phosphorylation of detrusor smooth muscle myosin in alloxan-induced diabetic rabbit is mediated by upregulation of Rho-kinase beta and CPI-17” 2006. American Journal of Physiology, 290(3):F650-6.
  7. Basha M, Chang S, Smolock EM, Moreland RS, Wein AJ, Chacko S. “Regional differences in myosin heavy chain isoform expression and maximal shortening velocity of the rat vaginal wall smooth muscle” 2006. American Journal of Physiology, 291(4):R1076-84.
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  12. Zhang EY, Stein R, Chang S, Zheng Y, Zderic SA, Wein AJ, Chacko S. “Smooth muscle hypertrophy following partial bladder outlet obstruction is associated with overexpression of non-muscle caldesmon” 2004. American Journal of Pathology, 164(2): 601-12.
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  15. Bing W*, Chang S*, Hypolite JA, DiSanto ME, Zderic SA, Rolf L, Wein AJ, Chacko S. “Obstruction-induced changes in urinary bladder smooth muscle contractility: a role for Rho kinase” 2003. American Journal of Physiology, 285(5): F990-7 (*W.Bing and S.Chang contributed equally to this study)
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