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Urology Research Laboratory
Harrison Department of Surgical Research
Dr. Samuel K. Chacko
George M. O'Brien Program
Four Major Projects

Project 1: Social-Stress-Induced Urinary Dysfunction: A Model of Dysfunctional Voiding (PI, Rita J. Valentino, Ph.D.).

Project 2: Bladder Wall Remodeling Following Alteration of Urothelial Structure
(PI, Pamela S. Howard, Ph. D.).

Project 3: Mechanism for Obstruction-Induced Detrusor Remodeling: Role of Hypoxia & Stretch (PI, Samuel K. Chacko, D.V.M., Ph.D.).

Project 4: Extracellular Matrix Changes in Response to Obstruction
(PI, Edward J. Macarak, Ph.D.).

Each of the four major projects focuses on the cellular and molecular events that take place in the bladder wall in LUTS, either caused by PBOO, alteration of urothelial structure or social stress. The new proposal will determine the contributions of urothelial biology, neuronal regulation, roles hypoxia and stretch in inducing the remodeling of the detrusor in PBOO. Alterations in the dystrophin-sarcoglycan complex and its effect as a tension transfer molecule during bladder smooth muscle contraction will also be investigated.


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