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Traumatology, Surgical Critical Care
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Wednesday Conference Series

Wednesday's 0630-0800
PPMC TSICU Conference Room - 4 PAC

Director: Pat Kim
Contact: Lauren Plunkett
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0630 - 0715 0715 - 0800
Date Topic Topic
JULY 2016
6 ESS Manifesto - Dr. Ben Braslow Faculty W(h)IP List - Dr. Carrie Sims
13 Pelvic Ring Injuries - Dr. Samir Mehta Hypocalcemia During Trauma Resuscitation -
Drs. Cannon and Mackay
20 Video Review - Dr. Daniel Holena Targeting NAD Metabolism during the Resuscitation of Hemorrhagic Shock - Dr. Carrie Sims
27 Traumatic and Non-Traumatic Brain Injury - David Long Code Status - Joshua Uy
3 Fellow W(h)IP List - Dr. Carrie Sims Patient Satisfaction - Fred Rogers (LGH)
10 Obstacle Course - John Gallagher, DNP, RN
17 Trauma Fellowship Summer Students Presentations - Emily Moin, Philip Chou and Khushboo Singh How to Find a Mentor - Dr. Carrie Sims
24 M&M - Dr. Sarah Moore The Basics - Dr. Pat Kim
31 Trauma Center Pop Quiz - Dr. Mark Seamon Video Review - Dr. Dan Holena
7 Resuscitation Hypocalcemia and Over-Correction Should be Avoided in Severely Injured Patients - Jessica Beard, Jennifer Leonard, Emily MacKay Hemorrhagic Shock Depletes AVP Stores and Hormonal Supplementation Preserves Renal Mitochondrial Function - Carrie Sims
14 Performance Improvement: Past, Present and Future - Dr. Pat Kim RSVP's - Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Martin
21 AAST Wrap Up - Dr. Pat Kim Reading W(h)IP List - Dr. Adrian Ong
28 Journal Club - Dr. Pat Kim and Dr. Harry Jha Boot Camp - Dr. Pat Kim
5 Plastic Surgery: Incisional Hernia Prevention - Dr. John Fischer Research Ideas/Projects (for new fellows) - Drs. Sims, Cannon, Pascual, Seamon, Smith, Raza
12 Ballistics - Jim McCans, MS, NREMT-P, FP-C ACS Vetting - Dr. Carrie Sims
19 PSTF Vetting - Drs. Holena, Beard and Singh
26 Video Review - Dr. Daniel Holena M & M - Dr. Jennifer Leonard
2 Case Review - Dr. Pat Kim Fellow W(h)IP List - Dr. Carrie Sims
9 Andriy (Andrew) Batchinsky, MD
Minimally Invasive Extracorporeal Life Support: Insights from Translational Animal Models and Clinical Care

PHI 106, 1st Floor, Heart and Vascular Pavilion, PPMC
23 Active Shooter - Joe Forte, MS, CHPA Morning Report
30 Deploying a Tactical Police Surgeon Program - Dr. Lewis Kaplan  
7 Advancement in Professional Societies - Drs. Schwab, Reilly and Kaplan
14 ESS Case Review - Dr. Benjamin Braslow Databases - Dr. Daniel Holena
21 Video Review - Dr. Daniel Holena REBOA Demonstration - Dr. Jeremy Cannon
28 M & M - Dr. Ryan Dumas Research
0630 - 0715 0715 - 0800
Date Topic Topic
4 EAST Practice Talks - Dr. Pat Kim
11 How to Give a Presentation - Dr. Pat Kim How to Write a Paper - Dr. Carrie Sims
18   Video Review - Dr. Daniel Holena (7:00 - 8:00 am)
25 M & M - Dr. Sarah Mathew EAST Wrap-up - Dr. Pat Kim
1 Academic Surgical Congress (ASC) Practice Talks - Dr. Pat Kim and Dr. Carrie Sims
8 Fellow Research Update - Dr. Carrie Sims Gift of Life - Amy Martiner
15 Video Review - Dr. Daniel Holena Research - Dr. Carrie Sims
22 M & M - Dr. Sarah Annie Moore Recent National Trends In Extracorporeal Life Support and Outcomes in Trauma Patients Indicate Greater Use in Severely Injured Patients - Dr. Alexis Moren
MARCH 2017
1 Faculty Research Update W(h)IP List, AAST/ASC Abstracts - Dr. Carrie Sims The Method of Temporary Closure of the Abdomen Does Matter - Dr. Mark Kaplan
8 PennChart Documentation for Providers - Gigi Telford and Nancy Etzel Outcomes After Low Cost Mesh Hernia Repair in Ghana - Dr. Jessica Beard
15 PennChart Q&A Session - Anna Fontenot Video Review
22 M & M - Dr. Ryan Dumas  
29 Obstacle Course - John Gallagher (In Trauma Bay)
APRIL 2017
5 Video Review - Daniel Holena Fellow Research Update - Carrie Sims
12 Firearm deaths in America: Can we learn from the 462,000 lives lost? - Shelby Resnick Urban Firearm Violence is Structural Violence - Jessica Beard
19 Trauma Center Pop Quiz - Pat Kim Endothelial Dysfunction in Hemorrhagic Shock - Jennifer Leonard
26 M & M - Mark Hoofnagle Understanding the Benefit of Field Triage to a Trauma Center for Head Injured and Older Adults - Kit Delgato
MAY 2017
3 Liver Injuries: Prometheus Had it Easy - Deborah Stein
17 Video Review - Daniel Holena Pharmcologic Modulation of p53 - Mark Hoofnagle
24 M & M - Alexis Moren Avoiding SIRT-ain Death: Targeting Sirtuins to Improve Outcomes in Shock - Carrie Sims
31 EPIC Overview / Discussion - Pat Kim
JUNE 2017
7 ESS Case Review - Ben Braslow Future Research - Randi Smith and Shelby Resnick
14 Future Research - Jessica Beard Sudden Cardiac Arrest Virtual Reality System - Marion Leary

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