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Traumatology, Surgical Critical Care
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Wednesday Conference Series

Wednesday's 0630-0800
PPMC TSICU Conference Room - 4 PAC

Director: Pat Kim
Contact: Lauren Plunkett
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0630 - 0715 0715 - 0800
Date Section Topic Section Topic
JULY 2015
1 Trauma Trauma Orientation - Pat Kim, MD Trauma Contemporary Trauma Systems - C. William Schwab, MD
8 Research  
15 Trauma The Initial Approach to a GSW of the Abdomen - Pat Reilly, MD ESS Interesting Case Presentation - Ben Braslow, MD
22 Trauma Morbidity & Mortality - Sarah Mathew, MD Trauma Video Review - Dan Holena, MD
29 Research Attending Research Presentations
5 Trauma Pat Kim, MD
12 Research Attending Research Presentations
19 ESS ESS Case Presentation - Ben Braslow, MD
26   Conference starts at 7:15 Trauma Morbidity & Mortality - Vanessa Nomellini, MD
2 ESS Application Process IRB Research Responsible Conduct of Research - Laura Fluharty, MPH and Inna Strakovsky, MPH
9 Trauma ED Obstacle Course
16 ESS ESS Case Presentation - Ben Braslow, MD
23 Trauma Noncompressible Truncal Hemorrhage: Physiology, History, and Advancements in Management - Ryan Lawless, MD Research Meghan Lane-Fall, MD, MSHP
30 ESS Morbidity & Mortality - Jessica Beard, MD Trauma Pat Kim, MD
7 Trauma Rib Fixation - Niels Martin, MD (6:45 am)
14 Trauma Morbidity & Mortality ESS Ben Braslow, MD
21 ESS Video Review - Dan Holena, MD Trauma Mouthing Off - Neeraj Panchal, DDS, MS, MA
28 Trauma

Retained Bullets and PTSD: Does a Trajectory Exist? - Randy Smith, MD
Hemothorax Management and Outcomes in Blunt and Penetrating Trauma - Priya Prakash, MD
A Clinical Decision Aid in Patients with Cervical Pain Without Cervical Spine Injury - Brian Frank, MD
Research Project - Shelby Resnick, MD

4 Research Research Projects - Jessica Beard, MD, Sarah Mathew, MDand Vanessa Nomellini, MD
No Good Deed Should Go Unpublished - Brian Weiss, MD
11 ESS Case Presentation - Ben Braslow - MD
18 Trauma Morbidity & Mortality - Jessica Beard, MD Research Video Review - Dan Holena, MD
25   Ballistis - Jim McCans Trauma Pat Kim, MD
2 Trauma Database Management Research Video Review - Dan Holena, MD
9 ESS   Trauma Contemporary Burn Care - William Hughes , MD (7:00-8:00)
16 Trauma Morbidity & Mortality - Priya Prakash, MD ESS Case Presentation - Ben Braslow, MD
23 ESS Niels Martin, MD and Sofya Asfaw, MD Research Video Review - Dan Holena, MD
30 Trauma Pat Kim, MD Trauma  
0630 - 0715 0715 - 0800
Date Section Topic Section Topic
6 Trauma Pat Kim, MD Trauma  
13 Trauma How to Write an Abstract - Carrie Sims, MD Research SAGE Research Presentations - Joshua Levine, MD and Eileen Maloney Wilensky - MSN, ACNP-BC
20 Trauma EAST Wrap-up - Pat Kim, MD
27 Trauma M & M - Hemothorax Complications
3 Research W(h)IP List - Carrie Sims, MD
10 Trauma Skills Day - In Trauma Bay Research Getting it Done - Tips from the Experts - Carrie Sims, MD
24 Trauma M & M - Randi Smith, MD Research AAST and ACS Abstract Review
MARCH 2016
2 ESS Case Review and Discussion - Ben Braslow, MD Research Fellow W(h)IP List - Carrie Sims, MD
9 Trauma WTA Wrap UP Research Fellow W(h)IP List - Carrie Sims, MD
16 Trauma ITMAT Research Resources Available to Penn/HUP investigators - Dr. Andrew Cucchiara (PAC 3 Conference Room)
23 ESS Case Conference - Niels Martin, MD Trauma ED Disaster Plans - Peter Sananman, MD
30 Trauma

“Boarding ICU Patients: Are our Rounding Practices Subpar?” Andrew Nunn, MD
“Becoming a trauma center overnight: using a simulation to train seasoned yet trauma-na├»ve Providers prior to becoming trauma providers.”
Andrew M. Becker



APRIL 2016
6 Trauma Patient Experiences of Trauma Resuscitation” - Dr. Elinore Kaufman
13 ESS Journal Club-Hemothorax Mgmt Trauma PennOmics - Renae Judy
20 Research Video Review - Daniel Holena, MD   Pennomics Training - Renae Judy
27 Trauma M&M - Dr. Shelby Resnick
Research Geriatrics Essentials - Dr. Alysa Krain
MAY 2016
4 ESS Case Review - Ben Braslow, MD Research Faculty W(h)ip List -Carrie Sims, MD
11 Trauma Jounral Club - Pat Kim, MD Trauma Writing - Carrie Sims, MD
18 ESS Video Review - Daniel Holena, MD Research Outcomes after low cost mesh repair of inguinal hernia performed by surgeons and non-surgeons in Ghana - Dr. Jessica Beard
25 Trauma Chronic Critical Illness - Dr. Vanessa Nomellini Trauma Novel Anticoagulants - Dr. Lisa Kallenbach
JUNE 2016
1 Trauma IVC Filters In Trauma: Appropriate or Antiquated? - Dr. Andrew Nunn Research Fellow W(h)IP List - Dr. Carrie Sims
8 Trauma M&M - Dr. Priya Prakash Research Meeting Cancelled
15 Trauma Liver Trauma - Dr. Stephen Hersperger
Trauma Futility of Care in the ICU - Dr. Brian Frank
22 ESS Therapeutic Hypothermia - Dr. Sofya Asfaw Research Vetting EAST Abstracts - Dr. Carrie Sims
29 Trauma   Research  

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