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Major Kenneth Lee, IV, M.D., Ph.D.
Gastrointestinal Surgery

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Administrative Office:
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street
4 Maloney Building
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Administrative Assistant: Aishah Coley
Administrative Telephone: 215-662-2132
Administrative Fax: 215-349-8195
Patient Appointments: 215-662-2626

Clinical Office:
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
GI Surgery
West Pavilion, 4th Floor
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Contact Information (internal use only)


Dr. Major Kenneth Lee, IV is an Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery.  He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh and obtained both his medical degree and his PhD in Immunology from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.  Dr. Lee is a board-certified general surgeon and further trained in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery at both Providence Portland Medical Center and Washington University in Saint Louis.  His clinical interests include benign and malignant disease of the liver, pancreas, bile ducts, and upper gastrointestinal tract.  He also maintains an active research interest in altering the tumor microenvironment to bolster the immune response to GI malignancies.  His goal is the pursuit of clinical trials that combine surgical and immune-modulatory approaches to generate long-lasting tumor responses.

Faculty Appointments
2014 - present    Assistant Professor in Surgery
Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hospital and Administrative Appointments
2014 - present   Attending Surgeon, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2014 - present   Active Surgeon, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2014 - present    Active Surgeon, Pennsylvania Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2014 - present    Active Surgeon, Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1999 - 2006  MD/PhD - University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
1995 - 1999 BPh - University of Pittsburgh (molecular biology)
Postgraduate Training and Fellowship Appointments
2013 - 2014 Fellowship in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery,
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, Missouri
2011 - 2011 Clinical Fellowship in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery
Providence Cancer Center
Portland, Oregon
2007 - 2013  Residency in General Surgery
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2006 - 2007 Internship in General Surgery
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
National/International Societies
2013 - present  International Hepato-Pancreato Biliary Association
Research Publications, Peer Reviewed
  1. Velidedeoglu E, Jarrett B, Lee MK, Moore D, Huang X, Deng S, Lian MM, Caton A,  Markmann JF.  Transgenic T cell persist in an adoptive transfer model of mouse liver transplantation tolerance.  Transplantation Proceedings 34(8):3342-3344, Dec. 3. 2002.
  2. Trani JT, Moore DJ, Jarrett B, Markmann JW, Lee MK, Lian M, Tran B, Caton AJ, Markmann JF.  Evidence for both clonal deletion and induction of CD25+ immunoregulatory T cells in acquired central transplantation tolerance. Journal of Immunology 170(1):279-286, Jan. 1, 2003.
  3. Lee MK IV, Huang X, Jarrett BP, Moore DJ, Desai NM, Lian MM, Markmann JW, Deng S, Frank A, Velidedeoglu E, Caton A, Markmann JF.  Vulnerability of allografts to rejection by class II restricted T cell receptor transgenic mice. Transplantation 75(8):1415-1422, Apr. 27, 2003.
  4. Moore DJ, Huang X, Lee MK IV, Lian MM, Chiaccio M, Chen H, Koeberlein B,  Zhong R, Markmann JF, Deng D. Resistance to anti-CD45RB-induced tolerance in NOD mice: Mech-anisms involved. Transplant International 17(5):261-269, June 2004 (Epub May 11, 2004).
  5. Lee MK IV, Moore DJ (joint first authorship), Jarrett BP, Lian MM, Deng S, Huang X,  Markmann JW, Chiaccio M, Barker CF, Caton AJ, Markmann JF.  Promotion of allograft survival by CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells: evidence for in vivo inhibition of effector cell proliferation.  Journal of Immunology 172(11):6539-6544, June 1, 2004.
  6. Deng S, Moore DJ, Huang X, Mohiuddin M, Lee MK, Velidedeoglu E, Lian M,  Chiaccio M, Sonawane S, Orlin A, Wang J, Chen H, Caton A, Zhong R, Markmann JF. Antibody-induced transplantation tolerance that is dependent on thymus-derived regulatory T cells.  Journal of Immunology 76(5):2799-2807, Mar. 1, 2006.
  7. Lee MK IV, Moore DJ, Chiaccio M, Lian MM, Deng S, Mohiuddin M, Huang X,  Koeberlein B, Barker CF, Caton AJ, Markmann JF.  T-reg mediated suppression of the allograft response occurs in the draining lymph node.  Transplantation 81 (7):1063-1066, Apr. 15, 2006.
  8. Deng S, Moore DJ, Huang X, Lian MM, Mohiuddin M, Velidedeoglu E, Lee MK IV, Sonawane S, Kim JI, Wang J, Chen H, Corfe SA, Paige C, Shlomchik M, Caton A, Markmann JF.  Cutting edge: Transplant tolerance induced by anti-CD45RB requires B lymphocytes.  Journal of Immunology 78(10):6028-6032, May 15, 2007.
  9. Porrett PM, Lee MK IV, Lian MM, Wang J, Caton AJ, Deng S, Markmann JF, Moore DJ.  A direct comparison of rejection by CD8 and CD4 T cells in a transgenic model of allotransplantation.  Archives of Immunology & Therapeutic Experimentation (Warsz) 56(3):193-200, May/June 2008 (Epub May 30, 2008).
  10. Lee MK IV, Kim JI, Moore DJ, Sonawane SB, Duff PE, O'Connor MR, Yeh H, Lian MM, Deng S, Caton AJ, Markmann JF.  Regulatory T-cell counter-regulation by innate immunity is a barrier to transplantation tolerance.  American Journal of Transplantation 9(12):2736-2744, Dec. 2009 (Epub Oct. 21, 2009).
  11. Sonawane SB, Kim JI, Lee MK, Lee SH, Duff PE, Moore DJ, Lian MM, Deng S, Choi Y, Yeh H, Caton AJ, Markmann JF.  GITR blockade facilitates T-reg mediated allograft survival.  Transplantation 88(10):1169-1177, Nov. 27, 2009.
  12. Kim JI, Sonawane SB, Lee MK, Lee SH, Duff PE, Moore DJ, O'Connor MR, Lian MM, Deng S, Choi Y, Yeh H, Caton AJ, Markmann JF.  Blockade of GITR-GITRL interaction maintains regulatory T cell function to prolong allograft survival. European Journal of Immunology 40(5):1369-1374, May 2010.
  13. Lee MK IV, Xu S, Fitzpatrick EH, Sharma A, Graves HL, Czerniecki BJ.  Inhibition of CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cell function and conversion into Th1-like effectors by a Toll-like receptor-activated dendritic cell vaccine.  PLoS One 8(11):e74698, Nov. 11, 2013.
Reviews in Peer Reviewed Research Publications
  1. Lee MK IV, Moore DJ, Markmann JF.  CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cellsin transplantation tolerance.  Frontiers in Bioscience 8:s968-981, Sept. 1, 2003.
  2. Moore DJ, Sonawane S, Yeh H, Deng S, Lee MK, Markmann JF.  Progress toward antibody-induced transplantation tolerance.  Critical Reviews in Immunology 27(2):167-218, 2007.
  3. Lee MK, Sharma A, Czerniecki BJ.  Key paper evaluation: It's all in for the HER family in tumorigenesis. Expert Review of Vaccines. 9(1):29-34, Jan. 2010.
  4. Lee MK IV, Vollmer CM.  The current state of minimally invasive distal pancreatectomy.  Current Surgery Rep.  1:106-113, 2013.
Abstracts (Last 3 Years)
  1. Lee MK IV, Panni R, Fields RC, Hawkins WG, Linehan DC, Strasberg SM.  Short term outcomes of the Whipple at the Splenic Artery (WATSA) procedure.  Accepted for presentation, Pancreas Club, Chicago, IL, May 2014.
Editorials, Chapters, Case Reports & Participation in Committee Reports
  1. Lee MK IV, Carpenter JP.  Hemostasis and coagulation.  Section I, Chap. 2 in Porrett PM, Roses RE, Frederick JR, Kaiser LR (eds.): The Surgical Review, 3rd Edition. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2009, 11-20.
Awards, Honors and Membership in Honorary Societies
2013  Leonard J. Perloff Chief Resident Award, Department of Surgery
Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
2012 Keith Reemtsma Surgical Resident of the Year Award, Department of Surgery
Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
2010 - 2011 Ethicon-Society of University Surgeons Surgical Research Scholarship Award
2009 Penn Center of Surgical Excellence Award
2006 I.S. Ravdin Prize for outstanding surgical student
Department of Surgery, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
2006 Clyde F. Barker Award for Surgical Research, Department of Surgery
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
2004 American Transplant Congress Young Investigator Award
2003 Keystone Basic Science Symposium Trainee Award
2000 - 2006 National Research Service Award
1999 - 2000 Medical Scientist Training Program Grant
1999 Phi Beta Kappa
1999 Summa cum Laude graduate, University of Pittsburgh
1995 - 1999 Helen Faison Scholarship

Dr. M. Kenneth Lee

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