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Christopher J. Long, M.D.
Pediatric Surgery - Urology

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Administrative Office:
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Division of Urology
3rd Floor Wood Center
34th Street & Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Administrative Assistant:
Elaine Bacon
Administrative Telephone: 215-590-2754
Administrative Fax: 267-426-7335

Clinical Offices:
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Division of Urology
3rd Floor Wood Center
34th Street & Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Clinical Telephone:
Clinical Fax: 267-426-7335

Link to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Dr. Long is an Assistant Professor of Urology in Surgery at Penn and an attending urologist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).  He earned his M.D. degree from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. He completed his internship in general surgery followed by a residency in urology at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia before coming to CHOP for his fellowship in Pediatric Urology in 2012. Dr. Long was awarded the prestigious Urologic Care Foundation Research Scholar Award.

Dr. Long’s practice will encompass all aspects of pediatric urology and is committed to the delivery of compassionate care to all children in need to urologic care.  In line with his research investigating the neurologic and physiologic basis of voiding and bladder outlet obstruction, Dr. Long will be involved in caring for patients with neuropathic and non-neuropathic bladder dysfunction. Dr. Long’s other special clinical interests include complex reconstruction, including hypospadias, minimally invasive and robotic-assisted techniques for genitourinary reconstruction, pediatric stone disease, and pediatric urologic oncology.

01/15 - present

Attending Urologist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2002 - 2006 MD - University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey
New Jersey Medical School, Newark, New Jersey
1997 - 2001 BA - University of Pennsylvania (Biology)
Postgraduate Training and Fellowship Appointments
2012 - 2014 Fellowship in Pediatric Urology, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2008 - 2012 Residency in Urology, Temple University Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2007 - 2008 Residency in General Surgery, Temple University Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2006 - 2007 Internship in General Surgery, Temple University Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
National/International Societies
2012 - present  Society for Pediatric Urology (candidate member)
2007 - present  American Urological Association
Local/Regional Societies
2010 - 2012 Mid-Atlantic AUA Residents Committee
2006 - present Pennsylvania State Medical Society
2012 - 2013 Urology care foundation research scholar award
Research Publications, Peer Reviewed
  1. deLemos AS, Wolfe ML, Long CJ, Sivapackianathan R, Rader DJ.  Identification of genetic variants in endothelial lipase in persons with elevated high-density lipoprotein cholesterol.  Circulation 106(11):1321-1326, Sept. 20, 2002.
  2. Long CJ*, Miller GC*, Bojilova ED, Marchadier D, Badellino KO, Blanchard N, Fuki IV, Glick JM, Rader DJ.  Role of N-linked glycosylation in the secretion and activity of endothelial lipase.  Journal of Lipid Research 45(11):2080-2087, Nov. 2004 (Epub Sept. 1, 2004).
  3. Griffon N, Budreck EC, Long CJ, Broedl UC, Marchadier DH, Glick JM, Rader DJ.  Substrate specificity of lipoprotein lipase and endothelial lipase: studies of lid chimeras.  Journal of Lipid Research 47(8):1803-1811, Aug. 2006 (Epub May 8, 2006).
  4. Brown RJ, Miller GC, Griffon N, Long CJ, Rader DJ.  Glycosylation of endothelial lipase at asparagine-116 reduces activity and the hydrolysis of native lipoproteins in vitro and in vivo.  Journal of Lipid Research 48(5):1132-1139, May 2007 (Epub Feb. 24, 2007).
  5. Canter D, Greenberg RE, Horwitz EM, Kutikov A, Li J, Long CJ, Buyyounouski M, Boorjian SA.  Implantation of electromagnetic transponders following radical prostatectomy for delivery of IMRT.  Canadian Journal of Urology 17(5):5365-5369, Oct. 2010.
  6. Canter D, Long C, Kutikov A, Plimack E, Saad I, Oblaczynski M, Zhu F, Viterbo R, Chen DY, Uzzo RG, Greenberg RE, Boorjian SA.  Clinicopathological outcomes after radical cystectomy for T2 urothelial carcinoma: further evidence to support the use of neoadjuvant chemotherapy.  BJU International 107(1):58-62, Jan. 2011.
  7. Makhlin I, Zhang J, Long CJ, Devarajan K, Zhou Y, Klein-Szanto AJ, Huang M, Chernoff J, Boorjian SA.  The mTOR pathway affects proliferation and chemosensitivity of urothelial carcinoma cells and is upregulated in a subset of human bladder cancers.  BJU International 108(2 Pt 2):E84-90, July 2011 (Epub Nov. 2, 2010).
  8. Long CJ, Canter DJ, Kutikov A, Li T, Simhan J, Smaldone M, Teper E, Viterbo R, Boorjian SA, Chen DY, Greenberg RE, Uzzo RG.  Partial nephrectomy for renal masses ≥ 7cm: Technical, oncological, and functional outcomes.  BJU International 109(10)1450-1456, May 2012.
  9. Partridge EA, Canning DA, Long CJ, Peranteua WH, Hedrick JL, Adzick NS, Flake AW.  Urologic and anorectal complications of sacococcygeal teratomas: Prenatal and postnatal predictors.  Journal of Pediatric Surgery 49(1):139-142, Jan. 2014 (Epub Oct. 8, 2014).
  10. Long CJ, Butler S, Fesi J, Frank C, Canning DA, Zderic SA.  Genetic or pharmacologic disruption of the calcineurin-NFAT axis prevents social stress induced voiding dysfunction in a murine model.  Journal of Pediatric Urology Epub S1477, Apr. 14, 2014.
Reviews in Peer Reviewed Research Publications
  1. Long CJ, Kutikov A, Canter DJ, Egleston BL, Chen DYT, Viterbo R, Boorjian S, Uzzo R.  Percutaneous vs. surgical cryoablation of the small renal mass: Is efficacy compromised? [Review] BJU International 107(9):1376, May 2011.
  2. Dean GE, Long CJ.  Updates in the management of the overactive bladder in patients with myelomeningocele. [Review] Current Urology Reports 12(6):413-418, Dec. 2011.
  3. Long CJ, Canter DJ, Smaldone MC, Simhan J, Rozenfeld B, Teper E, Chen DYT, Greenberg RE, Viterbo R, Uzzo RG, Kutikov A.  Role of tumor location in selecting patients for percutaneous vs. surgical cryoablation of renal masses. [Review] Canadian Journal of Urology 19(5):6417-6422, Oct. 2012.
  4. Long CJ, Srinivasan AK.  Percutaneous nephrolithotomy and ureteroscopy in children: evolutions.  [Review] Urol Clin North Am 42(1):1-17, Feb 2015.
Abstracts (Last 3 Years)
  1. Butler S, Long CJ, Frank C, Fesi J, Canning D, Zderic SA.  Treatment of socially stressed mice with cyclosporine A prevents voiding dysfunction in spite of CRF mRNA upregulation in Barrington Nucleus.  Presented at the Pediatric Urology Fall Congress, Las Vegas, NV, Sept. 2013.
  2. Gor R, Long CJ, Shukla AR, Kirsch A, Perez-Brayfeld M, Srinivasan AK.  Multi-institutional experience with pediatric laparoendoscopic singlesite surgery.  Presented at the Mid-Atlantic section of the American Urological Association, Baltimore, MD, Sept. 2014.
Editorials, Chapters, Case Reports & Participation in Committee Reports
  1. Long CJ, Austin C, Canning DA.  Megaureter.  Chap. in Graham SD, Keane TE (eds.): Glenn’s Urologic Surgery, 8th Edition.  Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins/Wolters Kluwer, 2014 (in press).
  2. Zaontz MR, Long CJ.  Vesicoureteral reflux.  Chap. in Graham SD, Keane TE (eds.): Glenn’s Urologic Surgery, 8th Edition.  Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins/Wolters Kluwer, 2014 (in press).
  3. Long CJ, Zderic SA, Canning DA.  Posterior urethral valves.  Chap. in Shukla AR, Austin PF, Herndon CDA (eds.): The Kelailis-King-Belman Textbook of Clinical Pediatric Urology Study Guide, 2d Edition.  London: Informa Healthcare, 2014 (in press).
  4. Long CJ, Kolon TF, Tasian GE.  Cryptorchidism.  Chap. in Shukla AR, Austin PF, Herndon CDA (eds.): The Kelailis-King-Belman Textbook of Clinical Pediatric Urology Study Guide, 2d Edition.  London: Informa Healthcare, 2014 (in press).
  5. Long CJ, Canning DA.  Complex UTI in the pediatric patient.  Chap. in Gomella LG (ed.): 5 Minute Urology Consult, Third Edition. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins/Wolters Kluwer, 2014 (in press).   
Alternative Media
  1. Zaontz MR, Long CJ.  Management of distal hypospadias.  AUA Update Series 2013.
Awards, Honors and Membership in Honorary Societies
Oct. 2014 Basic Science Prize, Society for Pediatric Urology Fall Congress, Miami, FL (for “Treatment of Socially Stressed Mice with Cyclosporine A Prevents Voiding Dysfunction in Spite of CRG mRNA Upregulation in Barrington’s Nucleus”)
July 2012 Urologic Care Foundation (formerly AUA Foundation) Research Scholar Program, CHOP (“Calcineurin and NFAT Modulate CTGF Following Partial Bladder Outlet Obstruction and Offer Potential Therapeutic Targets”)
Mar. 2008 Third Place, Resident Prize Essay Competition, Philadelphia Urological Society (for “Percutaneous vs. Surgical Cryoablation of the Small Renal Mass: Is Efficacy Compromised?)

Dr. Christopher Long

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