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Phillip Mucksavage, M.D.

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Administrative/Clinical Offices:
Pennsylvania Hospital - Urologic Center
800 Walnut Street, Floor 19
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Administrative Assistant: Sharon Gonzalez
Administrative Telephone: 215-454-3256
Administrative Fax: 215-829-5855
Patient Appointments: 877-829-3409

Contact Information (internal use only)


Phillip Mucksavage, MD, received his medical degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and was a member
of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. He completed his internship in general surgery followed by a residency in urology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Mucksavage then completed a fellowship in endourology and minimally invasive urologic surgery at the University of California
Irvine in Orange, California.

Dr. Mucksavage’s is board certified (diplomat of the American board of urology). His clinical expertise is in minimally invasive and robotic urologic cancer and reconstructive procedures. He employs these techniques to treat complex kidney cancers (partial or radical nephrectomy, nephro-ureterectomy), ureteropelvic junction obstruction, and ureteral repair or reimplant. He
routinely performs robotic radical or simple prostatectomies and adrenalectomies, and radical or partial cystectomies. He also specializes in the surgical management of complex kidney stone disease, using the combined endoscopic and percutaneous approach to treat staghorn calculi or large kidney stones. This is often done in one single procedure without the need to leave external drains.

Dr. Mucksavage is a member of national professional and scientific societies including the American Urologic Association and Endourology Society. His research interests include improving
clinical outcomes in urologic cancer through the use of less invasive surgical techniques and investigating novel kidney stone procedures. He has written numerous book chapters on
robotic surgery and has contributed many original articles to peer-reviewed research journals.

Faculty Appointments
2012 - present  Assistant Professor of Clinical Urology in Surgery
Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nov. 2011 - June 2012 Assistant Professor, Department of Urology
Temple University School of Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hospital and Administrative Appointments
2012 - present  Active Physician, Pennsylvania Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 2011 - June 2012 Attending Urologist, Department of Urology
Temple University School of Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2000 - 2004 MD - Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
(Alpha Omega Alpha)
1996 - 2000 BA - University of Pennsylvania
(Summa cum Laude)
Postgraduate Training and Fellowship Appointments
Apr. 30 - May 3, 2007  National Urology Resident Preceptorship Program in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
Glickman Urological Institut, The Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland Ohio
Oct. 16-17, 2006  National Urology Resident Preceptorship in Adult and Pediatric
Reconstructive and Prosthetic Urologic Surgery
Glickman Urological Institute, The Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, Ohio
2009 - 2011 Fellow in Endourology and Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery
University of California Irvine
Orange California
2005 - 2009 Residency in Urology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2005 - 2005  Residency in General Surgery, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2004 - 2005 Internship in General Surgery, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
National/International Societies
2006 - present   American Urologic Association
2006 - present American College of Surgeons
2009 - present  Endourology Society
Local/Regional Societies
2006 - present  Philadelphia Urologic Society
Research Publications, Peer Reviewed
  1. Tall AR, Wang N, Mucksavage P.  Is it time to modify the reverse cholesterol transport model? Journal of Clinical Investigation 108(9):1273-1275, Nov. 2001.
  2. Casale P, Mucksavage P, Resnick M, Kim SS.  robotic ureterocalicostomy in the pediatric population. Journal of Urology 180(6):2643-2648, Dec. 2008 [Epub Oct. 31, 2008].
  3. Mucksavage P, Mayer WA, Mandel J, Van Arsdalen K.  High-frequency jet ventilation is beneficial during shock wave lithotripsy utilizing a newer unit with a narrower focal zone. Canadian Urological Association Journal 4(5):333-335, Oct. 2010.
  4. Pick DL, Kolla SB, Mucksavage P, Louie MK, Sountoulides P, Kaufman O, Olamendi S, Kaplan A, Huynh V, Ortiz-Vanderdys C, Truong H, Said S, Andrade L, Tongson-Ignacio J, McDougall EM, Clayman RV.   Sprayed fibrin sealant used as the sole hemostatic agent for the porcine laparoscopic partial nephrectomy. Journal of Urology 185(1):291-297, Jan. 2011.
  5. Mucksavage P, Mitchell C, Kutikov A, Wein AJ, Torgian D, Malkowicz SB.  Anthropomorphic differences in obese men with biochemical failure after radical retropubic prostatectomy.  Urologic Oncology Mar. 9, 2011 [Epub ahead of print].
  6. Mucksavage P, McDougall EW, Clayman RV.  Laparoscopic transperitoneal nephrec-tomy for renal cancer: The UC Irvine technique.  Journal of Endourology 25(2):195-200, Feb. 2011 [Epub 2011 Jan 13.].
  7. Kerbl DC, McDougall EM, Clayman RV, Mucksavage P.  A history and evolution of laparo-scopic nephrectomy: Perspectives from the past and future directions in the surgical manage-ment of renal tumors. Journal of Urology 185(3):1150-1154, Mar. 2011 [Epub Jan. 21, 2011].
  8. Mucksavage P, Kerbl DC, Pick DL, Lee JY, McDougall EM, Louie MK. Differences in grip forces between various robotic instruments and da Vinci surgical platforms. Journal of Endourology 25(3):523-528, Mar. 2011 [Epub Jan. 15, 2011.].
  9. Mucksavage P, Kutikov A, Magerfleisch L, Van Arsdalen K, Wein AJ, Ramchandani P, Malkowicz SB.  Comparison of radiographical imaging modalities in measuring the diameter of renal masses: Is there a sizable difference?   BJU International 108(8):E232-236, Oct. 2011 [Epub Feb. 23, 2011.]
  10. Etafy M, Pick DL, Said S, Hsueh T, Kerbl D, Mucksavage P, Louie MK, McDougall EM,  Clayman RV. Robotic pyeloplasty: The University of California Irvine experience. Journal of Urology 185(6):2196-2200, June 2011 [Epub Apr. 17, 2011].
  11. Mucksavage P, Kerbl DC, Lee JY.  The da Vinci© surgical system overcomes innate hand dominance. Journal of Endourology 25(8):1385-1388, Aug. 2011 [Epub July 11, 2011].
  12. Mucksavage P, Chou DS.  Robotic surgery in urology. Perioperative Nursing Clinics 6(3):241-258, 2011.
  13. Kraft KH, Mucksavage P, Canning DA, Synder HM 3rd, Kolon RF.  Histological findings in patients with cryptorchidism and testis-epididymis nonfusion. Journal of Urology 186(5):2045-2049, Nov. 2011 [Epub Sept. 23, 2011].
  14. Guzzo TJ, Hockenberry MS, Mucksavage P, Bivalacqua TJ, Schoenberg MP.  Smoking knowledge assessment and cessation trends in patients with bladder cancer presenting to a tertiary referral center. Urology 79(1):166-171, Jan. 2012 [Epub Oct 26, 2011].
  15. Mucksavage P, Ramchandani P, Malkowicz SB, Guzzo TJ.  Is ultrasound imaging inferior to computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging in evaluating renal mass size? Urology 79(1):28-31, Jan. 2012.
  16. Lee JY, Mucksavage P, Kerbl DC, Osann KE, Winfield HN, Kahol K, McDougall EM. Laparoscopic Warm-up Exercises Improve Performance of Senior-Level Trainees During Laparoscopic Renal Surgery. J Endourol. 26(5):545-50. (2012)
  17. Lee JY, Mucksavage P, McDougall EM. Simulating Laparoscopic Renal Hilar Vessel Injuries: Preliminary Evaluation of a Novel Surgical Training Model for Residents. J Endourol. 26(4):393-7. (2012)
  18. Lee JY, Mucksavage P, Kerbl DC, Huynh VB, Etafy M, McDougall EM. Validation Study of a Virtual Reality Simulator-Role as an Assessment Tool? J Urol. 187(3):998-1002. (2012)
  19. Lee JY, Mucksavage P, Canales C, McDougall EM, Lin S. High fidelity simulation based team training in urology: A preliminary interdisciplinary study of technical and nontechnical skills in laparoscopic complications management.  Urology 187(4):1385-1391, Apr. 2012 (Epub Feb. 16, 2012).
  20. Mucksavage P, Pick D, Haydel H, Etafy M, Kerbl DC, Lee JY, Ortiz-Vanderdys C, Saleh F, Olamendi S, Louie MK, McDougall EM.  An in vivo evaluation of a novel spiral cut flexible ureteral stent. Urology 79(3):733-737, Mar. 2012.
  21. Lee JY, Kerbl DC, McDougall EM, Mucksavage P.  Medical students pursuing surgical careers have no greater innate motor dexterity than those pursuing non-surgical fields. Journal of Surgical Education 69(3):360-363, May 2012.
  22. Mues AC, Mucksavage P, Graversen JA, Landman J. BioGlue Surgical Adhesive as a Thermal Reflector During Laparoscopic Cryoablation: Effect on Iceball Size and Ablation Zone Diameter. JSLS. 16(1): 23-26. (2012).
  23. Mucksavage P, Lee J, Kerbl DC, Clayman RV, McDougall EM. Preoperative warming up exercises improve laparoscopic operative times in an experienced laparoscopic surgeon. J Endourol. 26(7):765-8. (2012)
  24. Lee JY, Mucksavage P. Robotic radical nephrectomy with vena caval tumor thrombectomy: experience of novice robotic surgeons. Korean J Urol. 53(12): 879-82 (2012)
  25. Sohn W, Clayman RV, Lee JY, Cohen A, Mucksavage P. Low-dose and standard computed tomography scans yield equivalent stone measurements. Urol 81(2):231-4 (2013)
  26. Lee JY, Mucksavage P, McDougall EM. Surgical skills acquisition among left-handed trainees-true inferiority or unfair assessment: a preliminary study. J Surg Educ. 70(2):237-42 (2013).
  27. Kathrins M, Caesar S, Mucksavage P, Guzzo T. Renal mass size: Concordance between pathology and radiology. Curr Opin Urol. 23(5):389-93 (2013)
Reviews in Peer Reviewed Research Publications
  1. Mucksavage P, Smith AL, Moy ML.  The use of botulinum toxin in the treatment of refractory overactive bladder. [Review] Ostomy Wound Management 52(12):28, 30, 32-33, Dec. 2006.
  2. Lee JY, Mucksavage P, Sundaram C, McDougall EM. Best practices for robotic surgery training and credentialing. [Review] Journal of Urology 185(4):1191-1197, Apr. 2011 [Epub Feb. 22, 2011].
Research Publications, Non-Peer Reviewed
  1. Leftkowitch J, Mucksavage P, Lamme A.  Images in clinicopathological diagnosis: A middle-aged male with end-stage cirrhosis. P&S Medical Review 8(1):16-19, 2001.
  1. Mucksavage P, Kerbl DC, Pick DL, Lee JY, McDougall EM, Louie MK. Differences in grip forces between various robotic instruments and da Vinci surgical platforms. Poster Session: Engineering and Urology Society Meeting, San Francisco, CA, June 2010.
  2. Lee JY, Mucksavage P, Kerbl DC, Osann KE, Winfield HN, Kahol K, McDougall EM. Laparoscopic warm-up exercises improve performance of senior-level trainees during laparoscopic renal surgery. Moderated Poster: WCE Meeting, Chicago, IL, Sept. 2010. *Best Overall Meeting Abstract*
  3. Mucksavage P, Kerbl DC, Ho J, Khan F, Pick D, Lee JY, Clayman RV, Louie MK, McDougall EM.  Institution of early discharge plan reduces length of stay without compromising patient outcomes.
  4. Mucksavage P, Steixner B, Mendoza PJ, Bhowmick D, Lee J, Welch W, Eun D.  Robotic assisted spinal access: Description of technique and interim results. Moderated Video Abstract: WCE Meeting, Chicago, IL, Sept. 2010.  
  5. Sohn W,  Mucksavage P, Jain N, McDougall EM, Cohen A, Clayman RV.  Low dose CT scan yields equivalent stone measurements when compared to standard CT scan with large reductions in radiation exposure.  Moderated Poster: AUA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, May 2011. *Best Poster in Session Award*
  6. Mucksavage P, Kerbl DC, Lee JY Etafy M, McDougall EM.  The da Vinci© surgical system overcomes innate hand dominance. Moderated Poster: WCE Meeting, Kyoto, Japan, Nov. 2011.
  7. Lee JY, Louie MK, Mucksavage P.  Robotic radical nephrectomy with vena caval tumor thrombectomy: Novice surgeon experience. Video Session: WCE Meeting, Kyoto, Japan, Nov. 2011.
  8. Lee JY, Mucksavage P, Kerbl DC, Etafy M, Huyhn VB, McDougall EM.  Construct and concurrent validation study of a virtual reality robotic simulator. Moderated Poster: WCE Meeting, Kyoto, Japan, Nov. 2011.
  9. Lee JY, Siegel J, Mucksavage P. Shah N, Canales C, McDougall EM, Lin SS.  High fidelity team-based simulation training: Laparoscopic renal vein injury scenario.  Moderated Poster: WCE Meeting, Kyoto, Japan, Nov. 2011.
  10. Lee JY, Mucksavage P, Huyhn VB, Kerbl DC, McDougall EM.  Surgical skills acquisition among left-handed trainees: Preliminary study of hand dominance-based surgical training. Moderated Poster: WCE Meeting, Kyoto, Japan, Nov. 2011.
Editorials, Chapters, Case Reports & Participation in Committee Reports
  1. Mucksavage, P, Canning, D.  Pediatric renal cell carcinoma.  Chap. in Gomella L (ed.): The 5-Minute Urology Consult.  Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2010, 350-351.
  2. Patel RP, Mucksavage P, Ramchandani P, Hanno PM, Malkowicz SB.  Idiopathic partial thrombosis of the corpus cavernosum. [Case Report] Urology 76(6):1373-1374, Dec. 2010 [Epub Apr. 14, 2010].
  3. Mucksavage P, Eun D. Patient-side surgeons: The unsung heroes of the operating room. Chap. in Hemal AK, Menon M (eds.): Robotics in Genitourinary Surgery. London: Springer-Verlag, 2011, 131-139.  
Alternative Media:
  1. Mucksavage P, Eun D.  Pyelolithotomy and pyeloplasty.  In Guru K, Hayne M (eds.): Operative Manual of Robot-Assisted Urologic Surgery: Anatomic Foundation and Description of Surgical Techniques.  Roswell Park, NY: Roswell Park Cancer Institute, 2010 (available on DVD).
  1. Mucksavage PIntracorporeal Laparoscopic Lens Multifunctional Instrument Cleaning System.  U.S. Provisional Appl. No. 61/569,544.
  2. Mucksavage PElectromagnetic Vascular Clamping System.   U.S. Provisional Appl. Pending, 2012.
Awards and Honors
2011 AUA Annual Meeting, Best Poster in Session: “Low Dose CT Scan Yields Equivalent Stone Measurements when Compared to Standard CT Scan with Large Reductions in Radiation Exposure”
2010 World Congress of Endourology, Best Overall Conference Abstract: “Laparoscopic Warm-up Exercises Improve Performance of Senior-Level Trainees During Laparoscopic Renal Surgery”
2010 AUA Western Section, 2nd Prize Historical Essay Contest: “A History and Evolution of Laparoscopic Nephrectomy: Perspectives From the Past and Future Directions in the Surgical Management of Renal Tumors”
2009 Excellence in Clinical Medicine Award
2008 Joel and Linda Appel Prostate Cancer Research Award
2003 Alpha Omega Alpha
2003 Arnold P. Gold Humanism in Medicine Honor Society
2001 National Institutes of Health Summer Research Fellowship
2000 Neysa Cristol Adams Prize in Biology (Best Senior Thesis)
1999 Phi Beta Kappa
1998 Dean’s Scholar
1998 Ettore Alosio Jr. Alumni Scholarship
1998 Golden Key National Honor Society
1998 Institute for Human Gene Therapy Research Fellowship

Dr. Phillip Mucksavage

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