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History of the Flyers/76ers Surgery Theatre
The White Building became the Main Entrance to HUP opening onto both 34th and Spruce Streets. Named for distinguished surgeon, J William White, it took almost a decade to complete interrupted by funding shortfalls and the World War I. Architecturally viewed as the most impressive building in the HUP complex.

The original main entrance to the hospital on 34th street was through a limestone and marble portal somewhat preserved behind cinderblocks and paneling. This entrance restored in the Theatre construction was the main thoroughfare to the main corridor of HUP from 1922 until the opening of the Ravdin entrance in the fifties.

The Surgical Seminar Room was the site of surgical education for several generations of medical students from 1962 until 2003. Though it had several refurbishments, its dank and confined wood paneling hid the views of 34th street as well as the architecturally intriguing main entrance to the hospital.

In 2003, an initiative was begun to upgrade the Surgical Seminar Room to a state-of-the-art conferencing solution for all of HUP's educational needs.  Here are scenes from the demolition of the old Surgical Seminar Room and the construction of the new Flyers/76ers Surgery Theatre:
Demolition of the old Surgical Seminar Room... 
Construction of the new Flyers/76ers Surgery Theatre...

Construction Information

Penn Surgery Historical Mural
A wall mural is displayed just outside the Flyers/76ers Surgery Theatre depicting important individuals and events that helped shape the modern Penn Surgery Program. 
You can also download a viewable mural in Adobe Acrobat format.