Applicable to All Department of Surgery Housestaff

Call Rooms

Building Floor Room # Service
Dulles 6 4 Surgery (Senior Resident)
Dulles 2 Surgery Waiting Room Surgery (Senior Resident)
Founders 5 156 Surgery
Founders 5 154 Surgery
Gates 5 514 Surgery (Chiefs)
Ravdin 6 Surgery (Thoracic)
Rhoads 5 Surgery (SCC)
Rhoads 4 Surgery (Transplant/GI)
Rhoads 1 1008 Surgery (Vascular/Plastics)
Rhoads 1 1010 Surgery (Vascular/Plastics) + Fellow
Silverstein 12 Surgery (EOS/Colon Rectal)

The surgery call rooms are dispersed throughout the hospital and are used by multiple residents at different levels on different services. There are certain call rooms that are traditionally used by certain services/residents (mostly based on proximity to their patients). However, these designations are flexible. Please be respectful of the shared space and keep the call rooms clean. Environmental Services will not change linens if personal items such as book bags are left on the bed and will clean around any items left on the floor. Please be mindful of this. Additionally, please do not leave any valuables in the call rooms as it is a shared space. The hospital and Department of Surgery is not responsible for any lost or stolen items that are left in the call rooms.