DeMatteo Lab


Ronald DeMatteo, MD - Principal Investigator

Dr. DeMatteo is the John Rhea Barton Professor and Chairman of Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. He has trained over twenty surgical residents in his laboratory who have gone into academic careers in Surgical Oncology. Dr. DeMatteo earned his undergraduate degree from The Johns Hopkins University and his medical degree from the Weill Medical College of Cornell University. He completed his residency in General Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania and then a fellowship in Surgical Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. DeMatteo served as the principle investigator on three national trials for the adjuvant drug imatinib in GIST following surgery, which has led to its approval for adjuvant use by the FDA and became the standard of care.

Current Lab Members

Ferdinando Rossi, PhD
Ferdinando Rossi, PhD
Senior Scientist
Andrew Hanna
Andrew Hanna, MD
University of Pennsylvania Senior Fellow
Andrew Tieniber
Andrew Tieniber, MD
University of Pennsylvania Junior Fellow
Kevin Do
Kevin Do
Research Technician

Previous Lab Members

Previous Scientist

Susan Zeng (2010-2017), Senior Scientist, Emory University

Previous Fellows

Mark Etherington (2018-2020) University of Pennsylvania, Resident

Marion Liu (2017-2019) Cornell University, Resident

Gerardo Vitiello (2016-2018) University of New York, Resident

Timothy Bowler (2016-2018) Regeneron Pharm Inc, Medical Director

Benjamin Medina (2015-2017), Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Fellow

Jennifer Zhang (2014-2017), Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Fellow

Adam Levy (2014-2015), UCLA School of Medicine, Fellow

Michael Beckman (2013-2015), Carolinas Medical Center, Attending

Juan Santamaria (2013-2015), University of Nebraska Medical Center, Assistant Professor of Surgery

Adrian Seifert (2012-2015), Asklepios-ASB Klinik Radeberg, Senior Physician

Noah Cohen (2012-2014), Mount Sinai, Attending

Jonathan Greer (2011-2014), Johns Hopkins, Attending

Teresa Kim (2011-2013), University of Washington, Seattle, Attending

Eric Sorenson (2010-2013), Intermountain Healthcare, UT, Attending

Michael Cavnar (2009-2012), University of Kentucky, Attending

Lee Ocuin (2008-2011), Carolinas Healthcare System, NC, Attending

Vinod Balachandran (2008-2010), Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Attending

Zubin Bamboat (2007-2009), Summit Medical Group, NJ, Attending

Bryan Burt (2006-2008), Baylor University, Attending

George Plitas (2006-2008), Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Attending

Hoang Nguyen (2006-2008), Sanford Health, SD, Attending

T. Peter Kingham, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Attending

Jennifer Stableford, Darmouth-Hitchcock, Attending

Umer Chaudhry (2004-2006), Kaiser Permanente Anaheim, CA, Attending

Steve Katz (2003-2005), TriSalus Life Sciences, Chief Medical Officer

Josh Bleier (2002-2004), University of Pennsylvania, Attending

Venu Pillarisetty (2001-2004), University of Washington, Seattle, Attending

George Miller (2000-2002), New York University, Attending

Previous Technicians

Lillian Levin (2019-2021) University of Pennsylvania, Research Specialist B

Mia DiLolle (2018-2019)

Nesteene Param (2016-2018) University of Pennsylvania, Research Specialist

Jennifer Loo (2014-2017), University at Buffalo, Medical Student

Joanna Maltbaek (2014-2016), University of Washington, PhD Candidate

Benjamin Green (2012-2014), Temple University, Medical Student

Megan Crawley (2012-2014), Massachusetts General Hospital, Genetic Counseling

Rachel Popow (2010-2012), Rutgers University, Medical Student

Hebroon Obaid (2008-2010), Stamford, CT, General Surgeon

Alexander Welles (2006-2008) US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

Jesse Raab (2004-2006) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Assistant Professor

Alaap B. Shah (2002-2004)

Svenja Lahrs (2002-2004)

Our research is made possible with generous donations from the David Foundation,
Betsy Levine Brown and Marc Brown, and the GIST Cancer Research Fund.