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TumorGlow® method for removing entire tumor instead of just relying on hands and eyes.



TumorGlow® -- Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Before surgery, you will get a contrast dye that goes to tumor cells and makes them glow.  Then, during the operation, the surgeon can look for any glowing tumor cells that may have been missed.

What are the risks?

The main risk is people have allergies to contrast dyes. You could have an allergy to the dye.

Is this the standard-of-care?

No. This is research and not considered the standard-of-care yet. It is still being studied to see if people live longer.

Does this cost me anything?

No. There is no bill ever to you or your insurance company. This is completely free of charge.

Where can I get more information?

  1. Contact Colleen Fitzgerald, our patient coordinator, at the Center for Precision Surgery. Phone number 215-614-1837
  2. Visit the following websites to learn more about TumorGlow® (intraoperative imaging):

Intraoperative Molecular Imaging Detects Residual Tumor Cells During Lung Cancer Surgery clinical briefing (December 2016).

Listen to Dr. Singhal on ReachMD podcast: