Advanced Practice Providers (APP)

Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) deliver care within the Department of Surgery to patients on all levels of the care continuum. All APPs have completed a masters or a doctoral program in addition to hours of additional clinical training, allowing APPs to collaborate with your surgeon to evaluate and diagnose medical issues as well as develop and manage treatment plans including prescribing medications, ordering various studies, and performing procedures. APPs also provide continuity of care to the surgical team by educating patients and families as well as residents and students on the service specific protocols, treatment guidelines and overall disease management. APPs work with the interdisciplinary care team to coordinate smooth transitions in care and work to provide patient and family centered care in all surgical settings.

Cardiovascular Surgery



  • Michelle Alves
  • Ida Elise Broadwater
  • David Drajpuch
  • Kerry (Gallagher) Dymond
  • Robin Gibbs
  • Emily Harman
  • Brendon Hoover
  • Andrea Jackson
  • Stacy Leung
  • Margaret Morrow
  • Emily Moyer
  • Jessica Plantulli
  • Emily Priem
  • Kate Roehrenbeck
  • Amanda Williams
  • Abigael Whitaker

  Silver 10

  • Rachel Chinian
  • Maureen Cleary
  • Susan Coyne
  • Jennifer DeFelice
  • Amber DeVirgiliis
  • Angela Edgar
  • Theresa Eiser-Brown
  • Maura Hayden
  • Danielle Klosiewicz
  • Laura McBryan
  • Tiffany Moore
  • Lizabeth Piel
  • Alexandra Ries
  • Pamela Rossi
  • Sharon Schlereth
  • Juilie Truong
  • Demetra Zalman


Colon and Rectal Surgery

  • Sarah Hower
  • Ashley Linehan

Emergency Surgery Service

  • Bridget Bankey
  • Emily Logue
  • Sarah Morris

Gastrointestinal Surgery

Thoracic Surgery

  • Jenny Morrison
  • Heather Grillo

Transplant Surgery

    Lung Transplant

  • Melissa Burke
  • Donna Chojnowski
  • Jaclyn Golato
  • Meliss Johnson

    Abdominal Organ Transplant

  • Samantha Halpern
  • Katie Hummel
  • Mary Kaminski
  • Elaine Lander
  • Alexa Lustig



Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy